Hoggy 2 is a colorful puzzle platform game

Hoggy 2 is a colorful puzzle platform game
Hoggy 2 is a colorful puzzle platform game

Hoggy 2 is a colorful puzzle platform game

Hoggy 2 is a colorful puzzle platform game, and the long awaited sequel to Raptisoft’s 2010 iPhone hit, Hoggy!  After defeating the Moon Men in the original game, the hero and heroine find themselves in trouble again when the Moon Men return to kidnap their family!  Players use Hoggy or Hogatha’s unique abilities to solve over 200 unique levels and save their kids!

Each level is hand crafted and uniquely designed to challenge the player with logic, reflex, or a combination of both.  Collect upgrades, outsmart and outmaneuver the many enemies and traps that stand between you and your family. Eat food to solidify, light items on fire, avoid or set off explosions, and even multiply yourself! While Hoggy 2 is simple to play with a touch screen, the game packs a lot of depth.  It also features multiple modes for different skill levels. Hoggy 2 is accessible to all players, but offers deep challenges to any puzzle lover.

Hoggy 2 also comes with a full level design and sharing system.  Make your own puzzles and share them, and then play puzzles created by other players! You’ll be hard pressed to run out of challenges as the player community continues providing new levels! Grant karma and stars to your favorite player levels in the best online level-making community since Mario Maker!

If you enjoy puzzles with a touch of platforming gameplay and arcade action, Hoggy 2 will brighten your day!

Hoggy 2 is currently available on iTunes, Steam, and the Mac App Store.  Coming soon for Google Play and Kindle!

For screenshots, gameplay movie, and more, visit the official site at


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