IamHere, a new app to help you discover your neighbourhood with a click and creation of an Avatar

IamHere, a new app to help you discover your neighbourhood with a click and creation of an Avatar

IamHere, a new app to help you discover your neighbourhood with a click and creation of an Avatar

Iamhere, where are you?

Well, that’s not another Hindi song translation but a new app that I have been lately buzzed about.

This lockdown and my distant relationship introduced a lot of virtual ways to socialize, amongst which was this one app, discovered and recommended by my girlfriend in an attempt to make me more aware of my neighbours in this newly shifted area, Bangalore.

Being raised in Delhi, my life was filled with two things- food and relatives around, but this job brought me straight from Chole Bhature to Idli Rasam street and honestly, I was lost.

Before I could make some real friends, the lockdown came in again and now shifting was no more an option or risk that I could afford, but every day my girlfriend had to hear my whims about the food and about having no drinking mates around. To which she asked me to download and give a try to this app which helped her bestie somewhere in Chennai, so I did, and here goes my 2 cents about my experience:

User Experience: Smooth and no bugs found yet, could be more interesting in terms of design though.

Useful: Let’s put it this way, it wasn’t for almost a month, but that was because I did choose to not interact or give it a fair shot, until one night I really missed my gang and with no football game I gave it a shot and posted if anyone was willing to share an old monk in my vicinity.

After 2 hrs I received a comment asking me to post this in the food and drinks Circle, putting that extra effort, I did.

No response was achieved but I did score a few likes, but some minutes later and I received a message asking me if I was negative and if it was okay, if we shared Black Dog instead.

Cheers to the App for making me find another douchebag, but I have explored some homeopathy trusted doctors and once a yoga trainer too, so I do vouch for IamHere, as being definitely a useful one for me.

Responses: As mentioned before, the timelines could vary depending on how we are putting it across and in which of these Circles.

Database: Fairly available but I have been using Meetup and Neighbourly, so this app is pretty new compared to the veterans, but that’s the good part I feel, less but the right ones.

Safety: They did keep my anonymity in chats and the number was only shared if I did a business enquiry but it’s advised to still double check and use your guts before any transactional or in person decisions, especially females. Creeps unfortunately have no techie filters.

Block option is of course available, with a permanent disabled account if repeatedly marked inappropriate.

Keeping it crisp, IamHere is something I keep going back to for my neighbourhood needs and the made in India feels much a safer bet for now, it’s Not a dating app though, it’s a social app to bring people together in the same vicinity and connect them with businesses and NGOs, phew!

Sometimes, listening to your girlfriend is not that bad.

Enclosed below the download link of IamHere:


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