Infinite Dronin featuring Twitch integration on Steam


Infinite Dronin featuring Twitch integration on Steam

Infinite Dronin, the roguelike hack-and-slash arena fighter with a Twitch twist, is now available on Steam.

Infinite Dronin can be played as a single player game but its most important feature is the Twitch integration. Viewers can interact with the streamers, assist them or even work against them. 

Defeat waves of enemies, level your drone and survive as long as you can in futuristic arena battles. 32 unique skills and procedurally generated levels make every run in Infinite Dronin one of a kind.

Infinite Dronin was released in Early Access two weeks ago and it will remain like that for 6 months more approximately. The full version of the game will contain a larger range of arenas, skills, monsters and characters.

About This Game

Action-packed arena battles – all-out fun – thrilling challenges

Fight for the longest run!

Burst into the arena and take on waves of increasingly powerful, evil enemies – your drones ever at your side.

Infinite Dronin is an imaginative roguelike that hurls you into futuristic hack-and-slash arena battles.

In single-player or on twitch with friends, you’ll fight ever-changing battles that demand all of your skill.

Infinite Dronin Features:

  • Action-packed roguelike hack-and-slash
  • Futuristic arena battles
  • Level your drones
  • 32 unique skills and procedurally generated levels make every run one of a kind
  • Ready to Twitch: integrated interactive streaming

Soloing or streaming on Twitch – Infinite Dronin is fun.
In each run, slay your way through wave after wave of increasingly powerful opponents and see how far you can go!

One toe in the arena and you’ve already bitten the dust?
Your drones are always ready to heal you or fire off one of their other skills. They level up as you fight and they keep their skills as you adapt from one run to the next.

Specialize your drone’s abilities and behavior to suit your play style. By improving and leveling your drone, you’ll be able to survive more and more waves of enemies on each run.

Interactive Challenges

You like streaming on Twitch and playing with your viewers?
The twist on Twitch? Your viewers can interfere with the game at any time to help you or even your enemies. The more viewers that participate, the more drones will fight with you as you brave the arena battles.

Anyone can join
Your viewers don’t need their own copy of Infinite Dronin – everyone can contribute a drone. Players with their own account can choose from any drone they’ve already unlocked.

Tactical Depth
Viewer participation isn’t limited to contributing drones. Through votes, they can activate buffs or skills to help you out or to make life harder for you. Be ready for anything!

Download now and level!

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