Second Edition of Annual 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit to Address the Evolution of LTE to 5G

Second Edition of Annual 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit to Address the Evolution of LTE to 5G
Second Edition of Annual 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit to Address the Evolution of LTE to 5G

Second Edition of Annual 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit to Address the Evolution of LTE to 5G

Nexgen Conferences, one of India’s leading conferences & B2B event organizers announces the second edition of Annual 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit, an international Conference cum exhibition. This conference is going to be held on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at ITC Maratha in Mumbai.


The summit will enable key telecom industry professionals, stakeholders, thought leaders, analysts and users to feature key trending technologies, network infrastructure and new disruptive innovations needed to strengthen the pillars of next wireless upgrade beyond LTE or 4G.


Taking place throughout the event, the summit will focus more on understanding and analysing current Network infrastructure and its developments, 4G market condition and requirements, Potential role of Small Cells in bringing huge amount of data capacity, Challenges and their respective Solutions in terms of LTE and advanced LTE deployment scenarios and Leveraging best practises as well as LTE evolution system, among others. It will put strong emphasis on improving network data rate and user experience with high-speed world-wide internet connectivity and advanced LTE network which is highly efficient in spectrum use.


Indian telecom operators are all set to start adopting 5G technology from this year. A research team that has been commissioned by the government to work on 5G technology has already filed 100 patents so far – of which around 10 have already been granted. 5G is capable of delivering speeds of over one 1 gigabit per second and support several devices at once and the Indian government wants the country to be an early adopter of 5G, which is expected to be commercially rolled out by 2020.


With the advent of next generation smartphones, Cognitive Radio, four-way receiver diversity – MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology with beam-forming techniques such as 8T8R, Digital Signal Processing, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and new mobile technologies among others, the telecom industry is presently undergoing consolidation. These will accelerate the process of upgrading to 4.5G and 5G technologies in India and tremendously support the expected rapid growth in video and virtual reality applications with higher data rates, improved spectral efficiency, low latency and delays between click and download.


“We are delighted to announce 4.5G & 5G Innovation Summit 2017 that creates a unified platform for Indian telecom industry to address latest supporting technologies such as MIMO, NarrowBand-IoT, CloudRAN, CloudAIR, Ultra broadband, IMT 2020 and New Radio technologies, among others with a practical guide to LTE evolution in India towards a full 5G network. The summit will also include excellent networking opportunities, interactive panels and an exhibition area where major infrastructure providers and leading market players will unveil their cutting-edge technology products and services,” says Anjani Kumar Singh, CEO, Nexgen Conferences.


According to recent report – “5G Planning, Strategy, and Market for Next Generation Apps and Services” by Research and Markets, the fifth generation (5G) of cellular networks is poised to transform communications, applications, digital content and commerce. What was once slow or perhaps bearable with respect to end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) will be lightning fast with 5G. Leading applications that will realize the benefits of ultra-low latency include industrial automation, robotics, and virtual reality. However, the report further asserts that 5G will not be commercially available until 2020, and the road to 5G will be based largely on ongoing efforts to optimize 4G apps and services via evolution of the LTE standard.


The summit is sponsored by well-known organizations such as Huawei, Oracle Communications, Juniper Networks, Infinera, Rosenberger, Nexus and Deloitte and supported by 3GPP, TSDSI and Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI).


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