JUSTICE SUCKS cleans up orbit in the FREE Vacuum of Space story update

JUSTICE SUCKS cleans up orbit in the FREE Vacuum of Space story update

You thought it was all over. The corporation beaten and your family rescued, but Samurai Punk and publisher tinyBuild are dragging you in for one last job, and it’s sure to get messy. The spiritual successor to Roombo: First Blood, JUSTICE SUCKS returns this month in Vacuum of Space, a FREE content update of stellar proportions.

Releasing February 16th for all platforms, tackle Dusty McClean’s most daring and dangerous mission yet; a clean sweep of FamilyCorp’s final orbital stronghold.

Continuing shortly after JUSTICE SUCKS ends, Vacuum of Space sees Dusty’s family once again menaced by their corporate captors. Prepare for your toughest, weirdest mission yet, as FamilyCorp’s private space station is overrun by clones of the company CEO packed with upgrades, mutations and cold capitalist thinking. It’s time to turn that grindset into ground beef.

Become the cleanest of crime-fighters once more in this madcap stealth-action comedy adventure. Master all the completely normal abilities of a robot vacuum cleaner, including hacking, combat and blood-fueled special powers. Just remember never to leave a mess behind. You might be out for blood, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sweep up when you’re done.

This new extraterrestrial battleground means new traps, tricks and threats. Hack into the advanced station systems to shock, pummel and burn the clone army. Use stealth and misdirection to avoid getting blasted with lasers, and commune with Sexy McClean (Dusty’s fighting spirit given gloriously ripped form) in new story and dialogue sequences. 

Alongside the new levels, there’s some improvements coming for the rest of the game. Three new perks to maximise your combat cleaning potential, improved footprints left behind by enemies (all the better to stalk your prey) and an assortment of tweaks and bug-fixes.

The Vacuum of Space update launches February 16th, free for all owners of JUSTICE SUCKS. The game is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for $19.99/£16.75/€19.50.

About Samurai Punk

Samurai Punk is a Melbourne-based game development studio, and creators of offbeat games like Screencheat, Feather, The American Dream, Roombo: First Blood and JUSTICE SUCKS.

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