Get to know one of the most successful Polish comic books via a mobile strategic game thanks to Kayko and Kokosh: Build and Rule, now available on all iOS devices.


Get to know one of the most successful Polish comic books via a mobile strategic game thanks to Kayko and Kokosh: Build and Rule, now available on all iOS devices.

Rebuild Mirmiłowo, a village devastated by a terrible plague of chickens. Step up and take care of managing your little settlement after its former castellan decided to take a break from ruling. Complete quests and relax during fun minigames, but don’t forget that the villain, Hegemon, is constantly planning how and when to invade and destroy your home and all you’ve been working so hard for.

Kayko and Kokosh: Build and Rule is now available on both Google Play, and on the App Store. Become the heroes of one of the most well-known Polish comic books, enjoy cartoon graphics faithful to the original comic book style, follow the hilarious plot, and immerse yourself in the crazy world of Mirmiłowo.

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Kayko and Kokosh: Build and Rule is a strategic game based on the cult comics by Janusz Christa. Apart from rebuilding and developing Mirmiłowo, the player will also get a chance to explore the world, complete side quests, defend the village against bandit attacks, and relax with fun minigames.


  • Build – Gather resources and restore the village, building by building. As time passes and the village grows, new inhabitants will arrive with new quests and stories to tell.
  • Rule – The proper management of resources and equipment is essential. There are many paths to success. You might focus on constructing a system of mines or preparing for the next expedition the best you can. The course of the game depends on your decisions.
  • Mirmiłowo’s weapons – The bandits will strike while the iron is hot. If they’re not invading the village right now, they’re surely planning to. So, remember to constantly strengthen the fortifications and defend them with your best warriors. The village must survive.
  • Become an explorer – Your village is beautiful, but it’s not everything the world has to offer. It’s worth setting off on expeditions to discover all the treasures and mysteries that await you beyond the village’s borders.
  • Discover the world of Kayko and Kokosh – Every aspect of the game was created with love and respect for the original comic book to best reflect its atmosphere and artistic style. All the characters, locations, and items are faithful depictions of pieces of the world admired for several generations.
  • Catch your breath with fun minigames – You’ll discover that ruling a village is a demanding task. Maybe you’ll come to better understand the actions of Mirmił, who had to live with this responsibility for many years. So, if you don’t want to end up taking a prolonged vacation like him, it would be good to slow down a little from time to time and relax with one of several different minigames inspired by the well-known adventures of Kayko and Kokosh.
  • Choose to compete or cooperate – Every action performed in the game increases the rank of your village. Compete with your friends on the global leaderboard and become the most successful castellan the world has ever seen!
  • Experience an unforgettable adventure – The biggest fans of Janusz Christa’s universe and players completely unfamiliar with the world of Kayko and Kokosh will easily find their way through the game, as the title is a great introduction to the adventures of the two Slavic warriors.

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