Last of Us 2- Details Regarding Release Date, News & Much More


Naughty dog along with Sony Computer entertainment released a game called the last of us in the year 2013. The game was designed by Bruce Straley (game director), Neil Druckmann (creative director), Ricky Cambier, Jacob Minkoff and Benson Russell. It was written by Neil Druckmann and composed by Gustavo Santaolalla. Initially the game was released for PS3 and then in the year 2014 ‘the last of us re-mastered’ was released for PS4.

The last of us is an action-adventure, survival-horror game. The game is set in the post apocalyptic United States. The story revolves around 2 people Joel and Ellie. The last of us story is set in the year 2033 where a fungal infection has affected 60% of the world’s population and turned them into mutated beings that has nearly destroyed the entire human race. The outbreak results in panic and chaos. The world health organization fails to come up with a vaccine and ends up dissolving the civilian government and puts the country under military control. Survivors of this infection are directed to quarantine zones to keep them separate from the infected people.

The game is played from a third person perspective. In the last of us Joel is the protagonist. Joel is a survivor of the infection who loses his daughter, hardened by the loss caused by the pandemic he becomes a black market smuggler with very little moral boundaries. He is asked to smuggle Ellie a 14 year old girl by the fireflies that are an anti-government organization across the country. Ellie who is bitten by the infected remains resistant to the fungal infection; therefore the fireflies seek to reverse engineer a vaccine using her possibly to find a cure. They ask Joel to travel across the post apocalyptic country to reach the fireflies’ station and process the vaccine.

The second installment of the game was announced by Naughty dog in the year 2016. The development of last of us 2 was started in the year 2014. The trailer of last of us 2 was released recently in 2018. The last of us 2 is set 5 years from where the first game ended. It will be a multi player game. Joel was the protagonist in the first game and Ellie will be the protagonist in the last of us 2. The first installment was weaved on love the second one will be centered on hate. Ellie will be assisted with an AI companion throughout the game. This sequel is also rumored to have features that will be different from the first game like the ability to crawl through tall grass or under a vehicle like a snake; there will also be a visibility indicator to show how hidden you are; you will also be able to dodge incoming strikes.

The last of us 2 will take place in Seattle. From the trailer that was released we can’t confirm the presence of Joel. But Naughty Dog has announced that Joel will be playing a crucial role in this game but you can only play the game as Ellie whereas in the previous game you were able to control both Joel and Ellie at certain points in the game. The trailer of last of us 2 shows us that Ellie has a romantic interest. The trailer also ends on a note where they show Ellie going out there to get revenge, but we don’t know why she wants revenge yet. The enemies that have been portrayed are called seraphites who are a dangerous religious cult that do not accept outsiders. They are a fanatical group that is hostile and aggressive. Naughty Dog is known for some of the most critically acclaimed games they developed for the Sony PlayStation games. They are known for their evocative and character driven storytelling and the cutting edge technology. This is why they have such a huge fan base and the last of us 2 is a highly anticipated game.

The last of us 2 PS4 release date has not been announced yet. But the fans are speculating the date may be announced this year. The last of us 2 is being developed for PlayStation 4. There has been no official announcement as to when the game will be released but the last of us 2 can be pre-ordered from Amazon. The price on Amazon is $49.                



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