Launch is Go for Unearthing Mars!

Transcendent PlayStation®VR planet exploration game 
lands in Asian market first
Games developer Winking Entertainment has announced the Asian market release of Unearthing Mars for the PlayStation®VR system. The virtual-reality game offers players a vivid, immersive experience as they explore our solar system’s mysterious Red Planet.

Unearthing Mars is available for download from PSN stores in the Asia Region. Western-market versions of the game will be coming in the very near future.

About Unearthing Mars
Unearthing Mars is a PlayStation®VR adventure title that delivers the full experience of being a planetary explorer. The game presents a compelling collection of interactive scenarios including navigating a landing craft, driving a Mars rover vehicle, puzzle solving, and battling an alien alliance. Players will have to overcome a variety of gameplay challenges as they discover the mysteries of the Red Planet.
Created with Unreal Engine 4, Unearthing Mars features a multitude of visually dynamic environments. Players will navigate and explore a spacecraft capsule interior, a Martian desert, and unimaginable alien structures over the course of the approximately two-hour, 10-stage virtual reality adventure.

“This is a story about a possible civilization on Mars, and about whether life had ever existed on the Red Planet,” said Johnny Jan, Winking Entertainment CEO. “Winking is one of the top game artwork outsourcing companies in Asia and we have an enthusiasm for narrative games. When it comes to the new era of VR, we want to use high-quality graphics to create a game that will appeal to players with a curiosity for space exploration and who are looking to unearth the mysteries of Earth’s closest neighboring planet.”

About Winking Entertainment
Winking Entertainment has been at the helm of video game storytelling for over a decade in Asia. From the groundbreaking and still-beloved Heroine Anthem RPG series to its latest foray into VR gaming, the company has always believed that well-developed characters, visually stunning artwork, and lovingly crafted worlds are the linchpins of a good game narrative. Winking’s goal is to create fantastic worlds and compelling interpersonal stories that resonate with players and fans. For more information about Winking Entertainment, please visit


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