2.5D Cyberpunk Physics Platformer LAZR hits Kickstarter for PC, Switch, Vita


2.5D Cyberpunk Physics Platformer LAZR hits Kickstarter for PC, Switch, Vita

Texas-based developer Garrick Campsey, whose past games include Astro4X, has launched a Kickstarter for his newest project, LAZR – A Clothformer. LAZR is a unique, skill-based 2.5D platformer enhanced by deep physics simulations (especially cloth) and set in a thriving neon cyberpunk dystopia inspired by Akira, Judge Dredd, and Bladerunner.
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Following a viral Twitter video showcasing the game’s physics, LAZR’s development has snowballed over the past year, working alongside the player community to meticulously craft a finely tuned platformer that’s especially suited for speedrunning and player achievement. A recent demo has been released for PC/Mac/Linux, featuring a variety of levels and challenges, and giving players a taste of what to expect from the game.
Download the demo
LAZR separates itself from other platformers with a slew of unique features:Unique, one of a kind, dynamic Platforming Physics – cloth, fire, and weather effectsHundreds of levels to play, including extra challenge levels and training coursesHero customization – different shell modifications allow the player to tailor the hero’s abilities as they see fit – from fully auto laser fire to more acrobatic shells.Choices that deeply affect the protagonist’s journey and the city around them, with multiple endingsHighly polished and responsive input, with timed levels designed for speedrunningVibrant neon retro pixel art and animations, combined with pre-rendered 3D, describe a futuristic dystopia where both AI and humans live in a dangerous balance
LAZR will ideally launch in 2020/2021 on Switch, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. The game already has its Steam page ready, and you can visit it by clicking on the button below. Add it to your wishlist today!
Visit LAZR on Steam
Our main goal is to gather $10,000 on Kickstarter in order to fund the game, but there are some additional stretch goals included for the extra content. The estimated gameplay length should be around 6-9 hours. We have secured multiple language versions as well, including English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and we’re looking into our options to add more translations in the future.
Developer: Garrick Campsey – A one-man studio with veteran experience in multimedia and the gaming industry. His past work includes Astro4x, as well as a few other well-received fan-games.Publisher: Top Hat Studios – A development and publishing studio based out of New York, with members around the world, focusing on both PC and Console. While developing games in-house, they also publish titles. Some of their more recent areas of focus have been Indie games, such as RPGs and Visual Novels.

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