Let the Games begin!!

Let the Games begin!!

Let the Games begin!!

During difficult times like now where people self-isolate because they are responsible or because they know that others are not! Well, all cope with this with the best of their abilities. Be it working from home or having a virtual workout or simply reading bestsellers on outbreaks and predictions, people resort to all means to spend their time doing what makes them happy. The silver lining now is the time we are getting to spend with our family. How do we make this count? Fill it up with activities that bind us together, make it fun and cherished. One such activity to definitely do right now is playing Housie Quiz. Whether you do it with the whole family or play solo. Download the Housie Quiz App from the app store for some happy nostalgia

India’s smartphone revolution has led to the rapid adoption of online gaming across all age-groups. Observing the shift in business dynamic, Raj Kundra brings to the country, ‘Housie Quiz’ mobile app for smartphone users. The captivating game has been produced by his company – Viaan Gaming Private Limited. The ever-popular game has returned in a brand new avatar matching steps with the new-age audience. Housie is a simple yet incredibly exciting game that has a strong emotional connection with Indians. The exciting thing about the game is you have the opportunity to earn real cash by playing Housie Quiz with instant cash-out features. The app is available on android and IOS and can be downloaded directly from the Housie Quiz website. The gamer can purchase up to two tickets that cost INR 25 each and play Housie via the live streaming feed every day at 8 pm or play from a choice of multiple randomly generated number games during the day. The twist in Housie Quiz is that after every number a question pops up on your screen and if you answer it correctly you get the number if it’s in your ticket but if you answer incorrectly the number turns red preventing you from winning the full house however you could still win lines & corners if there are no red answers. Housie Quiz offers instant cash out up to INR 9,999 for winners directed to their Paytm account and withdrawals over INR 9,999 are sent to the nominated bank account or Paytm within 24 hours on completion of KYC.

To help you have a swell time in these strange days, with popular demand and overwhelming response, we will have Housie games on the app, every hour on the hour, from Friday 20th March, 11 am to 11 pm so 12 games a day. That’s not all! To bring in more excitement the Sunday afternoon 1 pm game has high stakes where you stand a chance to win INR 1,50,000. So what are you thinking? Let the games begin! Housie Quiz has partnered with a national broadcaster and will be airing on national television for snowball Sundays where the prizes will go into Lakhs from 29th March 2020.

For more information or to download the app go to www.housiequiz.com



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