Lumberjack’s Dynasty – Herbalism & Cooking Update available


We have some good news for you all – we have a new content update for you today. We called it the Herbalism and Cooking Update. In it, you will find new vegetables that you can grow, 8 different kinds of herbs that can be used to produce shampoo, lotions, and various potions. You will also find four new cooking recipe books (egg-based, fish-based, honey-based, and mushroom-based), which if you read them, it will give you new cooking skills.

Apart from this new content, we have also fixed and patched up a few things too. If you want to know the details about this new Lumberjack’s Dynasty update, then look below and find out all the details.

Bug-Fixes and Content Update to v0.43e

  • Fixed several issues with new bushes (pine bushes) – calculation was done into 2D.
  • Update 0.43c introduced bugs of partially multiplying building parts, this should be fixed now.
  • Added 4 more greenhouse vegetables: paprika, chili, cucumber, melon.
  • Greenhouse seedlings have icons as per inventory icons
  • Pantry is full of stuff now.
  • Pantry storage/inventory operational
  • Apple trees could have been cut as bushes – fixed.
  • Button farm statistics was checking if player has 200 euro to activate – fixed.
  • Herbs and strawberries lit in ES (Engineer Sight) are displayed with proper animated transparency.
  • Prices of milk and eggs lowered in the stores – since player cannot create these (yet), these should be cheap to buy.
  • Added 8 different herbs.
  • Two herbs are addons to elixirs and lotions.
  • One herb is needed to create a shampoo, 1 herb to create a lotion. These are not consumable, for sale only.
  • One common herb creates a strength potion – while it lasts player does not get too tired (down to 60% max, can run with logs)
  • One common herb creates a worker potion – while it lasts chainsaw works faster and repair/rebuild works faster.
  • One rare herb creates a see-at-night potion
  • One rare herb creates a potion that removes tiredness and hunger completely while it lasts
  • All potions and elixirs require honey and two herbs to create – one main herb and one addon herb.
  • Potions when drunk and effects lasting are seen on-screen as bottle icons with time bars
  • Potions effects overlap (different potions can be drunk at the same time), but do not accumulate (so drinking the same potion twice does not create 2x stronger/longer effect)
  • Sun potion sets players food and stamina at max while it lasts
  • Mountain potion decreases player hunger and sleep speed. Also hunger and sleep will not drop below 60%. Also, player can run with logs.
  • Fox potion speeds up construction work and cutting trees
  • Owl potion improves light perception at night. Does not affect day to not overdo the effect.
  • The kitchen is now active.
  • Kitchen menu divided into 4 categories: basic food (canned), recipes from cookbooks (dishes), special recipes and herbs.
  • First 3 kitchen categories depend directly on the progressive Cook skills. Last depends on ‘One With Nature’ skill (gathering herbs).
  • First cook skill is given to all players (to cook better foods right away).
  • Second cook skill is unlocked when reading any cookbook.
  • There are 4 cookbooks: egg based, fish based, honey based, and mushroom based.
  • Cookbooks can be bought at sellers’, but not all sellers.
  • Third cook skill and unique local recipes will come in scenario quests for chapter 3.

Bug Fix v0.43d

  • Update 0.43c introduced a bug making steering log platforms exceedingly difficult (camera got too loose while fixing unwanted jumping). Has been fixed.

Bug Fixes v0.43c

  • Fixed wrong calculation of new types of bushes in some farm cleaning quests.
  • Properly visible boundaries of the area to clean up.
  • Farm/house cleaning quests may have been impossible to finish due to some grass being hidden below buildings, terraces or other inaccessible places. Should be ok now, game cuts grass below buildings itself. Save compatible, so saves with unfinished quests should have this quest working now too.
  • Sale prices for woodchips and bark reduced by 20%.
  • Calculating objects visibility might have been desynchronized, which was visible for near objects and with quick mouse movements. Some objects were appearing a few frames after they should. Fixed.
  • Fixed rotations of fishing NPC – they were sometimes fishing back to the water.
  • Improvements to external driving camera code. It was jumping when driving/turning smaller vehicles – fixed.
  • Improved carried sheep texture.
  • Some water/bushes/trees fixes in the world.
  • Some objects fixed (Z-fighting).

Once again thank you heaps for all your comments and feedback. Also, we want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for taking part in our Lumberjack’s Dynasty Survey. Thanks to you and all your feedback we know what you want to see more of in our game and what you like to do the most.

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