Lumencraft Major Update Out Today on Steam


Top-down action shooter with tower defense elements

Independent development studios 2Dynamic Games and publishers Star Drifters will be releasing new updates for their game Lumencraft on Steam featuring a 20% discount deal today.

Lumencraft is a combination of a top-down shooter, mining and tower defense game. Dynamic lighting and almost unlimited environment destruction allow to build a unique atmosphere in Lumencraft’s survival and tactical gameplay.

Set in the year 2221, the planet’s surface has become uninhabitable leaving the last few survivors to struggle to survive without electricity. A recently discovered mineral, Lumen has sparked the hope of a better future for humanity. This crystal of high energy potency can drastically increase humanity’s odds of survival.  A team of highly skilled miners has ventured to retrieve deposits of Lumen deep below the ground. Their mission objective is simply to excavate and collect the precious mineral and return them to the surface. However, no one has made it out alive. Fight for your survival as enemies raid your base so be careful and leave some turrets on the watch.
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New Updates: 

New Updates:

  • New episode with new assets for 10+ more hours of gameplay (in total, it is several dozen hours already)
  • New more detailed terrain textures
  • A wide screen support and screen resolution fixes
  • New enemies: Turtle
  • New weapons: Flame Thrower
  • GeForce NOW support

New Since Release:

  • Auto save and Steam Cloud
  • Performance boost
  • New enemies: Flying Swarm
  • New turrets: Bomb Turret
  • UI fixes and optimization
  • Several updates to the map editor
  • Steam Deck support
  • More than 100 changes and fixes

Work in Progress (expect it in the next regular update):

– New beautiful User Interface and icons

– Robotic helpers and their workshop

Pawel Mogila the lead Software Architect of 2Dynamic Games says, “We appreciate the community engagement and your feedback. We have already fixed and updated the most important features. We see how important the implementation of the progression and random levels in our game is for you. So, we decided to focus on that for the next major update! We will also do our best to include an online multiplayer in our roadmap (right now there is local shared screen or Steam remote play co-op for 2 players)”.

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Game Features:

Game Features:

  • Dynamic lights and pixel-perfect interaction with fully destructible terrain.
  • An atmosphere of dread created through impactful sound design and unique 2Dynamic lighting system.
  • Defending an underground settlement by direct combat and turrets. 
  • Highly efficient and immensely satisfying digging mechanics.
  • Various futuristic technologies will allow to improve both your digging and killing potential.
  • Map editor and full Steam Workshop support.
  • Local co-op with Steam Remote Play support for online sessions.
  • Steam Deck support.

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