Build imaginative robots and machines and push them to their limits in open-world environments and challenges.

Team17 and Bad Yolk Games have today launched freeform crafting and creation game Main Assembly into Steam Early Access. Featuring a wide array of tools and options to produce any contraption imaginable from motorbikes, cars, and planes to robotic trousers and eight-legged tanks and more, Main Assembly is further enhanced with an advanced physics and destruction engine, as well as powerful visual programming capabilities that provide players with complete control over their creations.

As part of its launch into Early Access, Main Assembly has also received brand-new challenges, two additional sandbox environments, and extra cosmetics for the player’s drone. The game has enjoyed several closed and open beta tests in recent months, which has led to a number of wildly creative robots being built by its passionate player community.

Main Assembly key features:

  • Freeform crafting: Construct any robot or contraption imaginable and customise them with 65+ cosmetic parts
  • Solo & multiplayer sandbox gameplay: Work individually to collect 106 stars in single-player challenges or compete against each other in online multiplayer activities. Share inventions over Steam Workshop, and enjoy endless gameplay possibilities
  • Powerful visual programming: Harness the power of Main Assembly’s visual programming language to set up unique controls for creations, and even automate them with various types of sensors
  • Advanced physics: Experience aerodynamics and robot destruction; fly, drift, and destroy your creations

Joel Jonsson, CEO and Creative Director, Bad Yolk, said:
“We’ve been hammering away at Main Assembly for the last few months, tweaking the experience based on player feedback, and we’re now ready for Early Access players to pick up their tools and get to work! It’s been a long road to get to where we are now, and with Team17’s help we’re at the point where we’re willing to let even more players in to flex their creative muscles and show us what they can make.”

Max Everingham, Head of Publishing, Team17, said:
“We’ve already seen the incredible creative potential of Main Assembly in recent months. Its growing and passionate community has already produced some mindblowing contraptions from history, the modern world, and pure imagination throughout the game’s various beta releases. The move to Early Access will continue to build on that impressive creative trajectory in the months ahead, as more content updates bring even more possibilities for players to use in their creations.”

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