Game On Announces Marie-Hélène Weiss as Head of Production

Marie-Hélène Weiss joins Game On as Head of Production.

Game On Announces Marie-Hélène Weiss as Head of Production

Game On proudly introduces Marie-Hélène Weiss as its Head of Production. Marie-Hélène will serve as a cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy and allow the studio to further accelerate its transition from video game service provider to co-development studio.

The hire comes on the heels of an important series of investments in the company’s world-class mocap and audio facilities. With the company already gaining significant traction and growth, Game On CEO Sam Girardin sees Marie-Hélène’s arrival as a significant step towards consolidating the company’s wide range of existing expertise.

“I’m delighted to be welcoming Marie-Hélène into our leadership team.  Her experience in managing creative teams will be crucial to the next stages of our expansion.”

–  Sam Girardin, CEO, Game On

Before joining Game On, Marie-Hélène played key production roles for VFX studios across North America and the UK. She’s overseen VFX and left her mark on titles including Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Having spent years learning to balance structure with creative exploration, she’s looking forward to shaping Game On’s path forward.

“Game On has been successfully working on amazing franchises for years. I’m looking forward to our next chapter; to our team continuing to grow so we can tackle even bigger projects.”

–  Marie-Hélène Weiss, Head of Production, Game On

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