Massimo Batteries creates personalized wishes for dealers featuring Rohit Sharma with Artificial Intelligence.


Massimo Batteries creates personalized wishes for dealers featuring Rohit Sharma with Artificial Intelligence.

In a bid to bring smiles to the faces of all their loyal and trustworthy channel partners who have stood beside the company for years, Massimo wanted to create a unique and memorable gift. The idea of having Massimo brand ambassador Rohit Sharma wish each partner personally seemed brilliant, but it was practically impossible with thousands of onboarded dealers and channel partners. To solve this problem and cater to all partners, the team at Massimo reached out to, an AI-based audio & video service provider focused on creating synthetic media for marketing purposes.

The partnership enabled Massimo with deep generative Artificial Intelligence technology. It made it possible to render multiple video variants of Rohit Sharma with minimal footage and just a text script. This marketing endeavor marks the first time an energy storage brand has deployed technology like this, establishing Massimo Batteries as a pioneer willing to put substantial efforts into their partners.

Vinay Singh, Business Head India, described the activity as inventively thoughtful, stressing how technology-based marketing will take over, and expressed their plans for the future. “This is the first time our industry has seen something like this, and Massimo is at the forefront. Soon we’ll launch more dealer sales promotion videos featuring Rohit using the same technology. We couldn’t be more proud and excited for the future, as it opens the roadmap for many such innovative collaborations.”

With deep machine learning and AI, Massimo created Diwali wishes for over 3000 channel partners. Vikas Goyal, Managing Partner, said, “Our partners are the backbone of this company, and we have dedicated this activity solely to them and their loyalty. We wanted it to be a special gift to the dealers, who are excited to have Rohit vouching for them and their business.”

Massimo’s diligence in challenging the norms in the battery industry, along with an appreciation for their customers and partners, makes the company estimable and differentiates them from the competition.

About Massimo Batteries

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Founded in 1980, today Massimo Batteries has acquired the enviable status of being a prominent battery manufacturer and supplier in the industry, engaged in offering a wide assortment of Tubular Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Solar Batteries, and VRLA SMF Batteries in India and globally. A pioneer in the high AH battery Tubular Battery segment, Massimo now looks forward to entering the rooftop solar segment with full throttle.

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