Medieval Dynasty Collector’s Edition Parades Its Way to Retail


Medieval Dynasty Collector’s Edition Parades Its Way to Retail

Medieval Dynasty from Toplitz Productions was a hit with players when it first launched in 2020. Fans lavished praise on its unique premise, rewarding strategy, and in-depth simulation, and now, GS2 is excited to bring you the physical release of Medieval Dynasty’s Collector’s Edition on PC. The Collector’s Edition includes a Steam code for Medieval Dynasty printed in the box, an artbook, soundtrack, wallpaper, world map, and a behind-the-scenes-video. It’s available for a suggested retail price of $39.99 on PC now.

Medieval Dynasty puts you in the ragged shoes of a refugee from war, seeking a better life away from conflict at whatever the cost. You might start out sleeping in a lowly haystack, but with careful planning and management, it won’t stay that way for long. Your journey takes you from peasant to potentate, as you navigate the wilds, build a humble settlement, and gradually expand your reach and influence across
the land in a bid to establish a legacy that lasts for ages.

Medieval Dynasty blends life sim, management, and strategy together as you navigate the challenges of daily life in a fledgling medieval town. Your would-be lord is in charge of food, water, and defense. Craft weapons to handle threats both animal and human, build infrastructures to keep your citizens safe and warm, and, when you’re able, add a bit of luxe to your historical pad with some furniture and other niceties. Once you make a name for yourself, you’ll even negotiate trade arrangements with other powers and forge relationships that can shape the course of your dynasty.


    Fully interactive environment

●    Dozens of craftable items, including furniture, equipment, and more

●    Unique challenges in every season

●    An in-depth reputation system with special events at key milestones

Dust off your arcade skills: ININ Games, Tozai and IREM join forces to release IREM Collections!


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