Meet DJ, Raw Fury’s Counter Errorism Officer

Meet DJ, Raw Fury's Counter Errorism Officer
Meet DJ, Raw Fury's Counter Errorism Officer

Meet DJ, Raw Fury’s Counter Errorism Officer

Counter Errorism Officer is absolutely the best title anyone in our young company’s history has come up with. Before we even talk about what that means and the man behind the title, please take a minute to reflect on how awesome it is. Go ahead, we’ll wait.
To know more about Raw Fury, check this PAGE out.

Daniel Jonsson (or “DJ” as we’ve come to know him) is the closest thing to an actual hero we have in our ranks. He’s worked on franchises like The Sims and Battlefield, and comes with an extensive background in localization, testing, and knowledge beyond knowledge on various submission processes at places like EA, DICE, and Viaplay. Basically, he dots all our i’s and crosses our t’s to make sure the games we publish work well on every platform they’re intended for. You know, things like:

– Ensuring we pass certification for consoles (here’s what the process was like pre-DJ)
– Submitting to the ungodly amounts of ratings boards across the world
– Streamlining and automating our own internal processes

DJ coming on board is a carefully calculated and important step toward bringing our published titles to platforms outside of PC (where our focus has primarily been), with both console and mobile being big priorities, and raising the quality bar of the games we’re helping developers bring to market. All of this means making our dev teams happy and, even more importantly, helping to deliver the best experience we can to all of the wonderful folks (YOU!) who support our devs and us by playing these games.

We’re already curating stellar games (two IGF nominations and counting) and our entire library is hitting above 90% positive on Steam, but there is always room for improvement and we have yet another valuable Fury in our ranks to help us on our mission to help talented developers bring their best to the world.


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