Megaquarium: Architect’s Collection Available Today


There are plenty more fish in the aquarium, along with new architecture, items and more!

Fin-tastic news for Megaquarium fans, Twice Circled is thrilled to o-fish-ally launch Architect’s Collection, the second expansion pack for their aquarium tycoon game Megaquarium. Priced at $7.99 USD, Megaquarium: Architect’s Collection launches today on Steam and GOG.
Megaquarium: Architect’s Collection is a chance for fans to dip their toes into the water of architecture with new features such as bridges, archways, tunnels and more. Along with architectural abilities, this expansion also features new creatures, decorations and items. Players must find new ways to keep their heads above water using design skills in the spaces outside of tanks. 
Megaquarium: Architect’s Collection DLC Features:

  • 15 new, iconic animals, including a Japanese Spider Crab, majestic Ocean Sunfish, beautiful Decorator Crab and notorious Mantis Shrimp. In total, this DLC features 11 tropical and 4 cold water marine species.
  • New architecture features, including the ability to build bridges above existing thoroughfares, create tunnels under tanks, magnificently designed archways and charming roofs. 
  • New decorations, including a new selection of paintable facilities, 7 new paints and a bumper pack of Greek-themed decorations. Players can give guests to their aquarium an unforgettable experience with themed walls and dividers, ropes, glass panelling and more.
  • New items, including a new gift shop toy and two new customer-focused accessories.
  • New objectives to enrich the sandbox experience will become available, specifically designed to take advantage of everything this new collection offers.

Megaquarium: Architect’s Collection is the second expansion pack for Megaquarium.  The first, Freshwater Frenzy, launched in 2020 and introduced freshwater habitats, the ability to develop hybrids, new campaigns and more.

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