Metal Revolution is celebrating its first anniversary with a new character, special rewards, and more.


Metal Revolution is a groundbreaking fighting game themed centering around cyberpunk mecha. This is the first game to offer a streamlined yet in-depth gaming experience with battles involved with RNG unlike anything you have ever seen before.

The next-gen mecha fighting game, Metal Revolution, is now holding a series of exciting events to celebrate its first anniversary. All players on the server will receive rewards. New characters and skins have also been introduced in the game to kick off a new season where powerful players clash and battle it out!

Anniversary Giveaway
Any player who logs into the game during the anniversary will receive rewards.
Additionally, to thank our players who have been supporting Metal Revolution for a year, we are holding a special H5 giveaway event. Participate, and you’ll have a chance to win new skins, limited Frames, limited Emojis, and other in-game items. The surprises will never cease to amaze you.

New Character: Orchid
She is coming! Our new character Orchid is here to celebrate the first anniversary of Metal Revolution with us.
As ethereal as wings, as fleeting as a dream.
Unlike the handsome and powerful characters you’ve seen before, this elegant lady nimbly waves her fan to create a cyclone so powerful that people lose their balance and vision. And the next thing you know, she is gone with the wind and nowhere to be found. Do you have what it takes to track her down?

Make your way to the top! The new season is now available.
Season 5: Raven Befallen is going live soon. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran player, it is time to test your mettle in epic battles! In this new season, we will also introduce a new series of skins called Dark Raven. Heroes equipped with these skins will turn into awesome night stalkers. Starting now, you can start training your combat capabilities and get ready for the new season. Build a team and lead your Heroes to defeat worthy opponents all the way until you make it to the top!



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