Committee for Children Launches Mind Yeti App for Kids and their Adults

Committee for Children Launches Mind Yeti App for Kids and their Adults
Committee for Children Launches Mind Yeti App for Kids and their Adults

Committee for Children Launches Mind Yeti App for Kids and their Adults

Committee for Children (CFC), the global leader of research-based social-emotional learning curricula, today announced the launch of Mind Yeti for iPhone and iPad. The free app teaches mindfulness to children aged 5–12 using fun, kid-friendly characters, engaging stories, and voices and sounds. Designed for parents and teachers to use with the kids in their lives, Mind Yeti for iPhone and iPad features guided audio sessions that help kids calm down, focus, go to sleep, and connect better with the people around them.

Launched in 2016, Mind Yeti—the only app for kids and their adults that teaches research-based skills—will now provide mobile consumers with an on-the-go way to access and enjoy mindfulness and easily fit it into their day.

Features include:

  • Guided sessions to use in specific moments throughout the day
  • A “Power Portal” where kids can practice and power up key mindfulness skills
  • The ability to mark favorite sessions to come back to later
  • Tips, tricks, and resources for adults to support the kids in their life
  • Closed captioning

With sessions specifically designed to meet the needs of children, the Mind Yeti iOS mobile app makes it easy for adults and kids to practice mindfulness together, develop positive routines that make life easier, and build skills that will last a lifetime.

Children can boost their mindfulness skills through Mind Yeti’s new Power Portal, where they can discover their “Yeti Powers”—a set of seven mindfulness skills that can help kids calm down, focus, and feel more centered any time, even when they’re not using the app. Each Yeti Power lives on its own island within the portal and is represented by a colorful gem.

“The beauty of Mind Yeti is that it’s based on a growing body of compelling research on the benefits of mindfulness with kids. We’re already hearing from families about how it’s helping kids with anxiety focus and sleep,” said Mia Doces, Committee for Children’s Director of New Mission Ventures. “Teaching mindfulness can seem daunting, but Mind Yeti is designed to make it even easier for users to fit mindfulness into moments in the day—at bedtime, in the car, at mealtimes and more.”

As mindfulness meditation grows in popularity, research has found mindfulness to be associated with indicators of well-being, including optimism, positive feelings, and reduced anxiety. It’s also been linked to lower rates of psychological and emotional disturbance in both adults and younger populations.

Mind Yeti’s groundbreaking approach to mindfulness has zeroed in on the importance of meeting kids where they are, including creating a unique language that encourages open and honest dialogue around feelings and self-acceptance. Mind Yeti helps kids “settle the hubbub” by giving kids the tools to calm and focus themselves. It also helps them focus on positive behaviors like practicing gratitude and kindness.

Mind Yeti offers 15 free guided audio sessions. Premium users who pay $10 a month or $72 a year get access to Mind Yeti’s full library of 60+ sessions (and growing). For more information, or to download the app visit: iTunes.

About Mind Yeti
Mind Yeti is mindfulness for kids and their adults. Mind Yeti’s unique characters, stories, voices, and sounds make mindfulness for kids fun. Designed for children aged 5–12, it teaches kids the skills to calm down, focus, and connect better with the world around them. Mind Yeti currently offers 15 free guided audio sessions and a growing library of premium content. Individuals can sign up for free at, or download the iOS app from the App Store.

Connect with Mind Yeti on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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