The virtual reality documentary collection “Missing Pictures” will be available on December 1st on Oculus App Lab, Steam VR and Viveport


The latest virtual reality experience from ARTE and Atlas V offers an immersive behind-the-scenes look at five ghots movies, alongside their creators 

ARTE France, Atlas V, BBC, PTS, Serendipity Films, Wild Fang Films and Giioii are proud to announce that their virtual reality documentary collection Missing Pictures, directed by Clément Deneux, will be available on December 1st on AppLab Oculus, Steam VR and Viveport.
Missing Pictures offers an original journey into the imaginary world of 5 of the most singular filmmakers of our time: Abel Ferrara, Naomi Kawase, Catherine Hardwicke, Kuan-Yuan Lai and Lee Myung-se.In five ten-minutes episodes, with a wide variety of narrative and graphic universes, Missing Pictures invites these directors to tell the story of the film they were never able to make, and to look back at the reasons for this failure. Financing problems, misunderstandings, overly political subjects or simply bad luck, these projects that never existed except in the imagination of their creators are now brought to the screen.
“I have tried to make this film several times in my career, says Korean director Lee Myung-se about his autobiographical project Father Is Gone. It is the dream of my life as a filmmaker. But, like love, I believe that cinema can exist in absence.”
A privileged access to the daydreams of these artists, Missing Pictures unveils a parallel history of cinema through its virtual reality device.Beyond the classic interview, the device offered by virtual reality invites several filmmakers to introspection, opening their stories to the intimate. Each episode takes the viewer behind the scenes of these dreamed works, alongside the directors, filmed in volumetric capture.”We wanted […] to use the specificities of VR and volumetric capture to embody these ghost films. Virtual reality allows us to create a reinterpretation of the cinematic project, something that is not about cinema but more about an encounter between the audience and the filmmakers. The casting of the series, which brings together artists from very different worlds, allows us to draw a broad panorama of contemporary cinematographic creation. The main challenge was that each episode should have its own personality, reflecting the creative process and the artistic universe of each of these filmmakers” explains Clément Deneux, director of the series.

MISSING PICTURES will be available on December 1st on AppLab Oculus, Steam VR and Viveport.A documentary collection directed by Clément Deneux, with Kuan-Yuan Lai (episode 2) and Lee Myung-Se (episode 4)
Based on an original idea by Joseph Beauregard
With : Abel Ferrara (USA), Catherine Hardwicke (USA), Naomi Kawase (Japan), Tsai Ming-Liang (Taiwan), Lee Myung-Se (South Korea)
A coproduction of ARTE France, Atlas V, BBC, PTS, Serendipity Films, Wild Fang Films, Giioii
With the support of CNC, Pictanovo, Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Procirep-Angoa, TAICCA, Fonds national de soutien à la production audiovisuelle du Luxembourg, RAPA and Ministry of Science and ICT (Republic of Korea)



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