Alter Your Face and Modify Your Voice with Voicemod Clips – Available Now on Google Play


Alter Your Face and Modify Your Voice with Voicemod Clips – Available Now on Google Play

Voicemod Clips is now on Android! Following a highly successful launch on iOS devices in July, esteemed developer Voicemod is thrilled to announce that their new Voicemod Clips mobile app is now available on Android devices via Google Play

Already acclaimed for its popular desktop software, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times by gamers and influencers around the world, Voicemod now brings its “voice avatar” technology to mobile users. With Voicemod Clips, content creators and casual users can record video and audio snippets and add a personal flair with one of the 24 filters and then share the final awesome video across their favorite social networks. Whether telling a story in a hilarious robot voice or singing along with a favorite artist, such as T-Pain himself, Voicemod Clips cranks the creativity up to 11! 

Why is Voicemod Clips so popular? Here are a few of its best features:

  • Creativity Doesn’t Have to Cost: Voicemod Clips is 100% free and completely unobstructed by annoying ads — your Voicemod Clips experience is solely yours! 
  • Visually Unique: The fun doesn’t stop at audio! Use loads of face filters in real-time to really spice things up! Long face, pinched face, cat girl, vampire…Voicemod Clips has got it all! 
  • Sharing is Caring: Voicemod Clips makes it easier than ever to directly share your content to whatever social media platform you’d like. Don’t be shy! Simply record and share in an instant! You can also easily download your videos and audio clips to your device and upload them anywhere! 

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