Good Shepherd Entertainment & Shiny Shoe’s Roguelike Card Battler Monster Train Rides Today on PC


Monster Train partners with Mega Crit Games for a special launch discount for Slay the Spire owners on Steam

Hell has frozen over, and only you can battle the forces of heaven to make it burn once more! Good Shepherd Entertainment and indie developer Shiny Shoe have released the roguelike deck-building card battler Monster Train for Windows PC. Set on a train ride to hell, this highly replayable strategy game with a twist features three vertical battlegrounds to defend at a time in solo play and competitive multiplayer.

Monster Train is out today for $24.99 on Steam, with a special launch discount of 10% off available until May 28. As a bonus, Shiny Shoe has teamed up with Slay the Spire developer Mega Crit Games to offer owners of Slay the Spire on Steam an automatic 10% off Monster Train (for a combined 20% discount until May 28).

With three vertical play fields to defend at once, Monster Train brings a new strategic layer to roguelike deck-building games. Construct a deck of spells and minions from over 220 cards, plan your route carefully, and position your champions tactically to win. Choose your monster clans, recruit powerful units, and mix and match upgrades to fit your playstyle and make your deck even mightier.

Monster Train’s frantic Hell Rush online multiplayer mode lets eight players compete in real-time to see who can defeat heaven the fastest. Take on daily global challenges with special gameplay modifiers to test your skill, and design your own unique custom challenges to share with friends.


  • Over 220 upgradeable cards with which to build your deck.
  • Choose from five monster clans with unique gameplay and champions.
  • Online real-time competitive multiplayer for up to eight players.
  • Create and share your own custom challenges.
  • With multiple routes to take and decks to build, no playthrough is ever the same!

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