Drink up your ‘shine from October 27th! Klabater’s Moonshine Inc. releases this autumn.


Moonshine Inc., the economic tycoon and strategy game centred on building up your illegal distilling business from the ground up from the indie publisher and developer Klabater has had its official release date announced as October 27th 2022 at Gamescom during this year’s Future Games Show within its new gameplay trailer.

Get ready to experiment with 50+ ingredients and 30+ different apparatuses to help nail the 100+ recipe combinations and use many technological in-game advancements to produce alcohol of various potency, flavour and fortune building potential – all this in order build up your illegal empire in this tale about a zero to hero. 

Keep your head low, work hard or go full out – and maybe you can outsmart not only the law enforcement, but also the cards life has dealt you!

Remember, nothing is illegal till you get caught!


Moonshine Inc. will first arrive on Steam and other main PC shopfronts, and you can add it to your Wishlist right now. The console version of the game is scheduled for later release in the foreseeable future.


🍹Produce, Experiment, Taste!🍹

Put your best distilling foot forward by crafting produce in 4 distinct categories of alcohol, trace the 5 flavour profiles (Sweet, Acrid, Sour, Salty, Bitter), change proportions between 50+ ingredients and modify fermentation method in order to recreate & tweak over 100+ cult recipes that borrow from the legends of moonshining.

Harness the real-life adapted chemistry processes behind distillation, and make your mash from scratch, differentiate heating with gas or open fire, choose the correct alcohol factions (Heads vs. Hearts vs. Tails), toy with the final alcohol concentration for your profit: water down or give the best to the clientele? The choice and consequence is all yours!

Open up the artistry behind moonshine distillation and unveil a rich technology tree to create eclectic, varied and nuanced batches of booze for the thirsty masses suffering from sobriety – the more variety, fair pricing, exciting flavours, the longer you’ll stay in business with customers ready to do anything to keep tasting your produce!

Set Up Your Centre Of Operation

Hire only the best, manage their weaknesses and strengths, and build up your centre of operation in full 3D view of your base in 5 distinct locations (Forest, Swamps, Small City, City) with 30+ different distillation apparatuses to make sure your produce is top quality, accessible to process and varied enough the make the business profitable.

📈Have Your Business Earn Your Keep📈

Make sure your business has solid foundations in correct prices, demand generation and more! Your actions have in-game consequences and every little decision counts – whether it’s producing a slightly different batch, tweaking the alcohol content, stashing all alcohol in one place or diversifying.

From choosing the final price, alcohol content, fulfilling or denying locals their cravings – the more careless you are, the harder it will be to succeed and some milestones, oh boy! They might be tough to accomplish without a cheering squad backing you up!

🚨 Make Discretion Your Middle Name – Or Not! 🚨

Choose between earning a quick buck at the risk of getting caught or look after the long-term prosperity of your unlawful operation by keeping a low profile and building the business brick by brick in the shadows.

The original in-game Red Flag Police system means game over whenever the Feds catch a whiff of you and put the final target on your back – evade the law by finding the delicate balance between fair pricing, big enough output and variety of routes you take to accomplish success.

Storyline missions, side missions, randomised events and your own thirst for success will make it all worth your while. You’ll be harassed by corrupt sheriffs, a particular ATF agent, and even a corrupt governor! But with the help of your younger sister Elly-Jane and old grand-uncle Donald, you’ll fight the odds, the competition, and Johnny Law all at once.

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