Declares March Parkour Games Month

1438 Declares March Parkour Games Month Declares March Parkour Games Month Declares March Parkour Games Month

The popular games website, has announced its latest drop of new titles for the weeks ahead and declared March to be Parkour games  month.

Parkour is the name given to free running, the extreme sport that calls on competitors to make their way around urban obstacles by jumping or climbing around, under or over them. The cult challenge has spawned a number of video games and, the number one free games download destination on the net, has the best of the best for players to enjoy this spring.

Set to motivating music to get gamers in the mood for rolling, jumping and climbing, the all new Parkour GO calls on players to grab their head for heights, head on to the roof of gravity-defying skyscrapers and make crazy jumps to complete the course. Bigger climbs mean more adrenaline in the cool 3D environment.’s Nikolai Veselov said, “We’re really excited to bring  the cult urban adventure that is the extreme sport of free running to this month with our new Parkour games. Capturing all of the adrenalin of the best urban assault courses, the skyscrapers and ever harder daredevil jumps literally take March to exhilarating new heights! As always, there’s a great selection of other fresh new titles to enjoy too.”

Also new to for the month of March is a host of new titles within the ever popular hidden object games free selection. Consistently one of the most popular genres on the site, the hidden object titles promise a refreshing change of pace for free runners looking to slow it down and exercise their sleuthing powers.

One of the new crop of hidden object games is Taken Souls: Blood Ritual, a hidden object and puzzle brain teaser free to download to PC. Set in a dark and moody London, Taken Souls: Blood Ritual calls on gamers to help solve a serious of dastardly murders as detective James Voodoo faces a mystical phenomenon. With the crimes linked to a global conspiracy, players are taken to over 50 destinations around the globe as the fight against crime goes international.

Also new this month is the hidden object, PC downloadable Apothecarium World. With more than 60 beautiful destinations to explore, Apothecarium World is set in Renaissance Italy. Once a beautiful hub of culture, it has been hit by the dreaded plague, causing fear to run through the streets. Rumors are that a hidden city holds the cure, but does it exist? This is the challenge inquisitive players will face as they search Italy and solve puzzles to find all the missing pieces.

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