National Education Day 2019


National Education Day 2019

Ankur Goel, Managing Director, Qlik India said:

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”Young people are already almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and the education system as it stands is unable to adequately prepare them for this new generation of work – of those 16-24 year-olds already in the workforce, Qlik’s Global Data Literacy Report found 52% are overwhelmed by the data they must read and analyse as part of their job. Additionally, the research suggests that most (81%) full-time employees in India admit to feeling overwhelmed when reading, working with, analysing or challenging data. At Qlik, we are already working towards creating a more data empowered society through initiatives like the Data Literacy Project whose mission is to enable individuals at every stage in their data literacy journey. The portal provides at no cost – assessments, courses and even globally recognised certification, where individuals can upskill themselves. The Qlik Academic Program also works with over 150 universities in India to provide access to the Qlik Data Analytics Curriculum, which offers professors ready-to-teach, free resources – including instructor-led content, in-class activities and interactive business use cases.

As the success of the digital economy lies in equipping the current and future workforce with the skills to succeed, data literacy training programs must be placed front and centre both in the education system and the workplace to boost their chances of success in a rapidly changing future world of work.”

Mr. Rakesh Kharwal, MD – India, Cyberbit, said

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“Today, India is at an interesting crossroads and is brilliantly positioned to not just shape the regional discourse, but to transform the socio-economic dynamics at a global scale. With the ongoing digitization, India is rapidly adopting technological solutions and developing relevant skills. The nation has further traveled a long way in terms of cybersecurity, spreading its awareness and adoption quickly within the market. This is also a reason why avant-garde simulation training solutions such as Cyberbit Range are receiving positive traction in the country. We can clearly visualize such tools equipping our nation with the forward-looking skillsets which can eventually generate over 1 million jobs and make India emerge as the global hub of both technological solutions and talent.”

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