New Wreckfest trailer: Meet Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker


New Wreckfest trailer: Meet Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker

Every man’s dream is to become a hero someday, to earn glory and to win in life. Every man, except Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker. Zero Hero has only one goal and it is… to break your bones. He is not here to win anything, he is just here to make sure you lose.

Meet him in the new trailer of Wreckfest, which is racing towards its release on August 27th 2019 to race onto PlayStation®4 and Xbox® One. 

Pre-Order now:

Wreckfest will be available in both standard and deluxe versions, while the digital deluxe edition offers a 24-hour head start into the game on August 26th, 2019, both versions will include the exclusive Bandit Ripper V8 racer for everyone who chooses to preorder, digitally or retail*.

The Deluxe Edition also contains the Season Pass, which will grant access to 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations and additional car customizations like armor, rims and more. This new content will be released step by step after the release, along with free content updates. 

Standard Edition: USD 39.99 / EUR 39.99 / GBP 34.99 / RUB 2,599 / AUD 59.95

Digital Deluxe Edition: USD 59.99 / EUR 59.99 / GBP 54.99 / RUB 3,599 / AUD 99.95 

Do existing owners of Wreckfest (PC) get anything when the console version launches? 

YES! On August 27 Wreckfest will receive a big free update, including:

3 entirely new tracks and 1 new derby arena

3 new crazy challenge vehicles

1 new reward car for finishing the career

New & improved career events

Several new paint jobs for existing vehicles

Additional daytimes for all tracks

… and some more cool stuff!

Wreckfest Pre-Order Site

*participating retailers only

PlayStation is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc

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