NHL in Vegas: AllSportsMarket Opens Investing in the NHL Draft

NHL in Vegas: AllSportsMarket Opens Investing in the NHL Draft
NHL in Vegas: AllSportsMarket Opens Investing in the NHL Draft

NHL in Vegas: AllSportsMarket Opens Investing in the NHL Draft


The NHL has a new addition to the family with the majority of the Vegas Golden Knights roster being officially announced to the world at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas tomorrow evening (Wednesday, July 21st).  With the NHL adding a team, AllSportsMarket (ASM) will be releasing the Vegas Golden Knights on the opening day of the NHL Entry Draft, this Friday. This creates a very unique opportunity for the fans, investors around the world and traders on the AllSportsMarket’s sport stock trading platform.

Bernie Nicholls, AllSportsMarket Spokesperson commented on this historic event, “Investing in the performance of your favorite team is something sports fans all over the world are catching on to. It’s a ton of fun to speculate on which teams you feel will do well over the course of month, a year or even a couple of years. With investing on our market, you get the feeling of success when you receive a dividend payment after a win and a great sense of achievement when you see you have increased your account by a couple $100 rather than having bet it on one game and lost it all. Investing in the performance of sports teams is where we are headed and this is a chance for the great people of Las Vegas to invest in their new team. This is something that I can’t see any true fan passing up.”

With the excitement of an expansion draft, the awards and then the entry draft, NHL fans have a busy week ahead of them. Those that are following AllSportsMarket closely will know that they have a busy couple of weeks ahead of them as well with a MAJOR EVENT coming on Saturday, July 1st at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood.

“I’m proud of what we’ve done and excited of where we’re going. ASM is a ROCKET SHIP!” said Veteran Actor Zack Ward about the momentum of AllSportsMarket. “We helped take down daily fantasy gambling and now are going head to head with the people trying to legalize the disease of sports betting. If you support investing, I invite you to join us at Lucky Strike, Saturday, July 1st, to listen to our ideas and ask your questions. All over the planet, people are seeing firsthand the effectiveness of learning finance through sports. Harnessing the world’s knowledge and passion for sports to teach fans how to understand and enjoy investing has the potential to change the world!”

The New Sports Economy Institute, ASM’s parent company, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of transforming society through sports. The objective is to end sports gambling, create a strong economy with strong ethics and bring financial literacy to the masses via sports trading instruments. ASM operates under a royalty-free license from Crystal World Holdings, Inc.


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