GungHo celebrates the First Anniversary of Ninjala with Season 6 details


GungHo celebrates the First Anniversary of Ninjala with Season 6 details

Get ready to stay cool in the desert heat – Sphinx Valley is a new stage that will make any pharaoh feel at home! Players won’t only discover pyramids here — it’s also full of strong drones called Set-Drones. Destroy Set-Drones to get special abilities, but other shinobis can steal them if they defeat you!
Season 6 arrives on June 17 (PDT) and introduces:

  • 2 Gum Weapons: Extreme Motor and DJ Scratch – unlike most Yo-yos, these are great for close combat
  • New Shinobi Card: Last Spurt maxes out the S-Energy Gauge and won’t deplete towards the end of a match
  • Shinobi Shop: Select Shop and Trend Shop now combined
  • Ninjala Pass Mini: a budget pass for 300 Jala

The dev diary also revealed details about the 1st Anniversary Campaign event:

  • 1,000 Jala: free for everyone who logs in anytime between June 16 to July 7
  • 1st Anniversary celebration sale: Story Pack: Chapter 1 & 2 for $0.99 from June 16 to July 6
  • 1st Anniversary Cup: a ranked tournament that will begin July 17, players can earn special IPPON Decorations, Emotes, Gumball Machine Coins, and Ninja Medals
  • 1st Anniversary Celebration Stream: a special stream on June 24 with details about an upcoming collaboration and updates

Additionally, Ninjala Collection Cards Vol. 2.0 will be available in June.

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