“GoM suggesting imposing 28% GST on Online gaming” Sharing views from Quizbee


“GoM suggesting imposing 28% GST on Online gaming” Sharing views from Quizbee

“The GoM’s proposal to levy a 28% GST on casinos, online gaming services, and racecourses would severely disrupt the industry’s economic model. Gambling or lottery do not apply to the skill-based gaming sector. Keeping casinos & horse racing and online gaming in the same bracket of 28 percent would hit the online gaming industry very hard. Having a 28 percent tax on casinos and horse racing is justified as they are clearly gambling activities and hence high taxes. Online skill-based games need to be treated differently from gambling, betting, and horse racing.  We would request the government to at least consider games that are skill-based or knowledge-based like Quizbee and similar others to be excluded from this list. Also, formats/ revenue models followed by platforms such as subscription fees, in-game revenue, etc, have to be seen in the valuation of these services. It should be applied only on margin or platform fee because in case it is applicable on the entire pool value then it would adversely impact the customers, as well as they, would get less playable value. Online games of skills include e-sports, fantasy games, rummy, and poker or chess. Such games are either free to participate in or involve real money in the form of platform fees. The online gaming industry is directly linked to the growth of several other sectors such as semiconductor, banking, payment gateway, telecom, fintech, sports, and entertainment. At last, I would like the government to include some industry representatives to be part of such important recommendations.”

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