Phantasy Star Online 2 Global Announces First Content Update of 2021

Phantasy Star Online 2 Global Partners with NieR: Automata in New Collaboration

Take a shot at Luster, new Ultra Hard Urgent Quests, new Extreme Quests and more starting February 3rd

SEGA today announced their popular free-to-play online action RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2 (Global), is receiving a large content update on February 3. The exciting changes include the new Luster Class, Max Level increase to 100, Story Quest [EP6] Chapter 6, and more.

Scion Class: Luster

The new Luster Class introduces a high-speed class equipped with Gunblades and features three combat styles: Zandi Style, Fomel Style, and Baran Style.

  • Zandi Style – This is a high-speed style that is activated when a Wind or Lightning Element weapon is equipped. Most notable for its agility and proficiency with area of effect attacks.
  • Fomel Style – This aggressive style of combat is activated when a weapon is equipped that has a Fire or Dark Element type. Highly effective in close combat.
  • Baran Style – Activated when an Ice or Light Element weapon is equipped, the Baran Style is known for its defensive capability, due in part to its guarded abilities with long-range attacks.

To tackle this class, players must have attained at least level 75 on two different classes. Lusters can shoot an Evasion Shot, which allows them to fire off a ranged attack while moving and become invulnerable for a brief period following firing. The diverse Gunblade allows for close and ranged combat making the Luster deadly at any range and truly versatile in combat. Players can expend Luster Gunblade Focus and activate enhanced actions through defeating enemies; enhanced actions include Enhanced Attack, Enhanced Shot, and Enhanced Arts.

There are four notable Luster Class skills: Luster Voltage, Luster Counter, Luster Sidestep Guard, and Bonus attack.

  • Luster Voltage – A Voltage Gauge will be added to the Sub-Palette and connecting with your attacks produce Volts. The accumulated Voltage will increase Potency and reduce damage taken. Additional Class Skills can be taken to increase Voltage accumulation rate. If there is too long of a pause between attacks, the Voltage Gauge will be reset.
  • Luster Counter – If players successfully dodge with Sidestep or a Weapon Action, they’ll unleash a powerful Sidestep Strike.
  • Luster Sidestep Guard – While locked on, Sidestep either forward or backward in time with the enemy’s attack to activate a Perfect Guard and unleash a counterattack in the direction inputted.
  • Bonus Attack – Perform four Normal Attacks in a row (does not include Sidestep Strikes) to unleash a powerful attack in accordance with the current PP or Focus Gauge level.

The Epic Story of Phantasy Star Online 2 Global Continues

The battle lines have been drawn, and the Armada of Annihilation continues to gather its forces around the Mothership. The time to strike is now, before any more Luminmech can be created. Sacrifices may be required as it’s going to take an all-out, coordinated attack by ARKS to annihilate Shiva – and the fate of the universe depends on the outcome.

New Quests

Persona the Masked yet persists, and we’ve picked up his signal coming from an area of altered space. As his resentment of ARKS is not expected to have abated, be cautious as you approach the entity. It is expected that in his current form your assignment will be ULTRA HARD to complete. The following Urgent Quests will now be available in Ultra-Hard Difficulty:

  • The Malevolent Void
  • The Call of the Void

Feeling extreme? Pick up an EXTREME PASS from Officer Prin and tackle one of the new Extreme Quests; EXTREME TRAINING: RISK REALM and ELITE TRAINING: RISK REALM!

Training in the Risk Realm

ARKS can upgrade their training in Extreme Training: Risk Realm and Elite Training: Risk Realm. Players have one hour to test their skills, vitals, and cooperative ability in simulated training. Should they complete these challenges, rewards await!

New Summoner Pet – Vulcan S

Vulcan is here with a frostier look, ideal for matching outfits that have a celestial or wintry feel.



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