Planet of Heroes Showcases a New Hero

Planet of Heroes Showcases a New Hero
Planet of Heroes Showcases a New Hero

Planet of Heroes Showcases a New Hero

Developer Fast Forward Studio and global publisher are excited to reveal information on the launch content of the mobile optimized moba, Planet of Heroes. At launch, a new hero will step into the arena – his Highness Prince Leon, who is the slayer of beasts and a hunter of Dragons. Leon is also the guardian of perfect hair. In the lane, his versatile abilities will let players control the battlefield and dispatch enemy champions with ease though his unique combination of melee and ranged sustained damage. Planet of Heroes comes with a huge diversity in skins for players to customize their heroes’ appearance. Leon won’t be an exception. Players can jump straight into the action and brawl for dominance over the lane wherever they want and whenever they are up for a quick fight. Planet of Heroes will be available worldwide for iOS in early March.

Rune system:
Versatility is the name of the game in every great MOBA. Planet of Heroes offers a wide range of unique heroes that can be tuned to play multiple roles in lane through its Rune system. In the hero build, players can adjust Prince Leon to function as a tank or a ranged carry. The runes truly impact the game play and allows for strategic combinations that would turn jungle brawlers into stealthy assassins.

Expanded Campaign:
There is a special treat for fans of the epic PvE campaign as well. A brand-new chapter for Story Mode brings five more campaign missions to the table, for those who want to take a rest from the intense PvP battles. The new chapter in the full-blown action RPG mode, raises the PvE mission count to fifteen, each coming with main and optional objectives and powerful rewards.

Planet of Heroes is an action-packed modern MOBA for mobile devices that aims to capture the essence of what makes the genre great on PC while playing to the strengths of mobile platforms. Planet of Heroes makes the most of the mobile experience, allowing for both simultaneous head-to-head online play, and asynchronous offline play. Game controls are optimized for mobile devices, eschewing awkward gestures and control layouts in favor of friendly, easy-to-grasp control schemes.
Stay tuned for more info about new Hero’s and upcoming features. learn more about Planet of Heroes, visit ‘Like‘ the game on Facebook and follow the game’s development on Twitter @PoHMOBA for all the latest developer updates and news.


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