Planet Wealth: Wall Street Power in the Cloud


Financial Independence Now Possible for All

IT’S TIME TO LIGHT THE FIREWORKS. This stealth-mode Fintech company, Planet Wealth, has emerged as a powerful Fintech platform by taking the power of Wall Street and placing it in the cloud able to be used by all.

Planet Wealth opens the doors to capital access by eliminating the costs that have prohibited mass-market participation and by providing process-driven expertise to make financial independence achievable by all who wish to pursue it.

Planet Wealth designates July 4th, 2021, as Financial Independence Day, where anyone can now stake their claim and achieve financial independence.

The new players in our financial markets are young, enthusiastic, socially driven and crowd oriented. Hence, we will roll out our infrastructure driving that enthusiasm with avatars, memes and socially driven messages. We’ll provide videos, infographics and images such as FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE DAY and BE YOUR OWN WOLF to spread the word and power our movement.

It’s time to LIGHT THE FIREWORKS and let the world know the American Dream is alive and achievable. Planet Wealth’s platform empowers the average individual with an increased ability to obtain their dreams. With the power of Wall Street now in the hands of the people and an ability to do business with people you trust, we are limited only by our ambition.

BLAST our content to all your friends NOW. We want you to have fun pursuing your financial independence POWERED BY THE CROWD.

Capitalism in its current form is broken and the capital markets are more disjointed than ever before. The wealth gap continues to grow due to lack of capital available to individuals as well as small to medium size enterprises (SME’s). Planet Wealth levels the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street and is poised to become one of the leading capital market access and wealth-building solutions for SME’s and millions of people. Fintech companies that help democratize financial services and enable 165 million middle class Americans to become more connected to, and in control of, their finances have become extremely popular, and are in high demand as demonstrated by premium valuations.

Join us in our crusade to create a new financial reality.



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