PlanetSide Arena Now Available Free-To-Play In PC Early Access on Steam


PlanetSide Arena Now Available Free-To-Play In PC Early Access on Steam

PlanetSide Arena, the massive-scale, match-based sci-fi shooter that reintroduces players to the legendary PlanetSide series, is now available as a free-to-play download in PC Early Access on Steam. The game’s initial launch will feature Squads (12 soldiers per Squad) and Teams (3 soldiers per Team) modes in intense 300-player matches, marking the first stage of a bold, expansive vision for the franchise. A cross-platform console launch and new modes supporting online battles of up to 1,000 players is planned for 2020.

“We are thrilled to bring the new Squads and Teams mode to PlanetSide Arena fans to allow them to compete in 300-player battles like never before,” said Andy Sites, Executive Producer on PlanetSide Franchise. “Daybreak has an unrivaled ability to create online games at scale, and PlanetSide Arena will be the next step forward in developing arena shooters as we continue to charter new territory in the genre.”

PlanetSide Arena is the evolution of the ground-breaking MMOFPS franchise PlanetSide that defined massive-scale, all-out planetary warfare. Featuring class-based combat, true combined arms gameplay with jetpacks and vehicles, compelling team tactics, and a deep tech tree with weapon mods and in-game progression, the game magnifies all the comradery, signature moments, and massive battles for which PlanetSide is known.

Over the next year, the team will begin to explore a future that will see an evolution of the empires, introduce new vehicles, weapons, classes, events, and maps, as well as new game modes at a scale that can only be created through a PlanetSide experience. Modes like 300-player Squads, Sunderdome, Outfit Wars and Massive Clash – an intense base vs. base conflict that supports up to 1,000 players – will spark a new phase in the battle for Auraxis.

“Launching free-to-play in Early Access is just the first step towards realising our grander vision: escalating the conflict on Auraxis by expanding the faction system, introducing new modes and means of waging war that have never existed in a PlanetSide game, and ultimately taking the action off-planet to distant alien worlds and the space in between,” said Tony Morton, Lead Game Designer.

Key features include:

MASSIVE SCALE: PlanetSide Arena will feature 300-player game modes on a massive 64 sq km map at Early Access. Future modes capable of supporting up to 1,000 players per match will introduce scale unrivalled by any other multiplayer shooter.

UNIQUE CLASSES: PlanetSide Arena launches with three initial character classes — Assault, Engineer, and Medic — each with their own unique abilities, utilities, and play styles. Each class ability has three upgrades that can be discovered in-match.

COMBINED ARMS: A broad selection of sci-fi vehicles – tanks, hover bikes, jetpacks, and more – expands upon traditional infantry warfare, offering teams the ability to quickly navigate the map, power-up, and overwhelm the competition.

ARENA GAMES: Launching initially with Squads (12 players per Squad) and Teams (3 players per Teams), PlanetSide Arena will expand to include a wide array of new match-based game modes, including Sunderdome, Outfit Wars, and Massive Clash, an intense base vs base conflict that supports up to 1,000 players in a single match.

NEW PROGRESSION: Power progression plays a huge role in PlanetSide Arena matches, as players can acquire more powerful weapons and attachments through pick-ups and terminals with in-match currency. PlanetSide Arena also offers meaningful out-of-match progression, with unique weapons and armor mods adding new layers of character customization for each class.

For more information on PlanetSide Arena, visit and follow the game on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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