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Metallica is lighting it up inside Fortnite: new Festival Season, M72 World Tour stage in Battle Royale, high-octane Rocket Racing track, and a playable concert.

James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert: these four are the Icons of Fortnite Festival Season 4! But they’re not just here to perform — they’re here to battle. Season 4 brings a new experience that’ll stick around after Season 4 ends: the PvP Battle Stage! 16 players enter, one will emerge victorious.

Ride the Lightning guitars will be on the Battle Royale Island! These instruments are as mobile as they are musical… Use one to create a lightning arc in the sky that your squadmates can ride. On your descent, come crashing down to bring the beginning of an enemy’s end.
Oh yeah, you can also earn an Emote and Loading Screen from Battle Royale’s Metallica Quests! These sequentially available Quests, plus the other marks of Metallica, will be in BR ‘til July 2, 2024, at 9 AM ET.

You’ve got the fuel, the fire, but it’s still not hot enough. Turn up the temperature on Rocket Racing’s new [Name] track! This volcanic track is a tribute to all things rock — and not just the geology kind. You’ve got instrumental monuments, a stretch of road like a fretboard, and Metallica’s “Fuel” playing in the background.

Experience a Metallica concert like no other in Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury. This journey through six fan-favorite songs features gameplay that matches the intensity. Check out for showtimes.

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