Kiss confirms Post War Dreams is coming to Steam

Kiss confirms Post War Dreams is coming to Steam
Kiss confirms Post War Dreams is coming to Steam

Kiss confirms Post War Dreams is coming to Steam

Kiss Ltd and PulseTense Games are pleased to confirm that their post apocalyptic 2.5D shooter ‘Post War Dreams‘ will launch on to Steam Early Access in Q3 2017.

Post War Dreams is the third title from indie dev studio PulseTense Games, with the comic style presentation marking a new direction for the studio. “My first game ‘Solarix’ helped me follow my dream – to become a game developer”, commented Baris Tarimcioglu, CEO Pulse Tense Games. “Post War Dreams takes the company is a new and exciting direction. We hope the community enjoys the game”.

Darryl Still, CEO Kiss Ltd added “The beauty of working with indie studios like PulseTense Game, is that we see first hand how they evolve and grow and express themselves. The result is fantastic games like Post War Dreams“.

Post War Dreams is a 2.5D shooter set in the wasteland of a USA plagued with constant war. Following the collapse of the economy, government and society, players must brave heavily armed militia, lawless gangs, dangerous streets, desolate buildings and underground bunkers on their quest to escape the city alive. The road to a new life is paved with danger, hope and constant reminders of everything that’s been lost.

Player will engage in combating the gangs and militia in order to survive and may choose to help other survivors who are full of their own personal misery, hopes and dreams, where everyone is trying to see the next sunrise in this chaotic wasteland.

Key Features:

  • 2.5 Side Scrolling action/RPG game
  • Story rich gameplay
  • RPG style character interaction & quests
  • Comic art style
  • Early Access
  • Choose your own adventure : The way you treat “survivors” will effect the final outcome
  • Full Steam support – trading cards, achievements, cloud, leaderboards, Full controller support

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