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Enemies experience different bleedout states depending on where they get shot, with countless finishers based on the weapon and caliber used. New levels, including one inspired by the classic Hitman level called “Traditions of the Trade”. That’s only a peek of the massive update that MGP Studios has just released for their upcoming shooter game – Project Downfall.

The developers have been working hard the past couple of months on the Early Access version of Project Downfall. They’ve added multiple new subplots, combos, collectibles, and, most importantly, heavily improved the AI of the most challenging enemies, who can now use various tactics depending on the current situation of the battlefield. These include flanking, taking cover, retreating, and stalking. Keeping in mind that the developers were also preparing special content for the game’s upcoming feature at Realms Deep 2021, MGP Studios could use a break after all the hard work. But instead, they’re back with one of the biggest updates to the game yet!

Once done, add the game to your wishlist on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/992730/Project_Downfall/). Even better – download the free demo there. Or make good use of a 30% discount, only until July 19th – so get the game today!

Doing so will make you part of the amazing Project Downfall community that heavily supports the developers and themselves on the official Discord channel (https://discord.gg/h8TAUNacuK). That’s where players help each other find all the in-game secrets, co-operate on figuring out the best combat strategies, and get a sneak peek from the devs of what’s to come.

For now, let’s focus on all the juicy details from the latest game update below:

  • The bleedout states. Style up kills and combos with your weapon of choice to make an enemy enter the bleedout state. The effect will depend on where the enemy was hit. Shoot his arm off, for example, and he’ll grab the blood-gushing stump, screaming in agony. He’ll yell while he falls to his knees, guts spilling out after a shotgun blast to the abdomen. This is where the real fun begins, as bleeding out an enemy is only the start of this glorious world of spectacular, memorable, and bloody finishers!
  • Finishers executed via a one-of-a-kind Punch Through system. Depending on your weapon and caliber, the finishing blows will literally tear your enemy to shreds. Turn your enemy into Swiss cheese with the uzi or vulcan minigun. Rip gaping holes with the howler. Disfigure them entirely with the various shotguns or cut them in two with the katana. There are so many possibilities – you’ll have difficulties just deciding which one to choose.
  • New levels. Including one inspired by the classic Hitman level “Traditions of the Trade”.
  • New tracks added to the game’s already awesome soundtrack. And they’re now available for download – find them HERE to get pumped before the fight.

On top of that, Steam collectible cards, emoticons and backgrounds, and all the other good stuff the community loves are expected to be released within the next 24 hours.

And there’s a whole plethora of other new features, fixes, and tweaks. Visit this link (https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/992730/view/2992062590516605181) for a full list of changes.


Project Downfall is a trippy, multi-choice, brutal shooter with adventure elements. Consider it a mashup of the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas, John Wick, and the style of Hardcore Henry, but done in a hazy, retro visual style with modern post effects and a dynamic, original soundtrack.

Your reflexes and quick thinking will, of course, be vital, but being prepared for the unexpected consequences of your decisions will be equally important. The plot will branch out in multiple ways, leading to alternative paths or even levels that function more as fast-paced puzzles rather than a regular shooter. Even the puzzles here are brutal, gory, and come with lethal consequences. Combine this with a unique gameplay mechanic, the Sanity System, which makes the game world react in multiple ways to your self-medication threshold, add a hardcore approach where health doesn’t regenerate, spice things up with tons of fun ways of dispatching enemies, including the one and only Superkick, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a ride.


  • A fast-paced shooter where reflexes count just as much as quick thinking.
  • Levels designed to be played like fast-paced puzzles with lethal consequences.
  • Nonlinear progression where certain scenes play out differently, levels and routes reveal themselves or remain hidden depending on your choices and state of mind, all resulting in one of 12 available endings.
  • A unique gameplay mechanic called the Sanity System, which makes the world react in multiple ways to your self-medication threshold.
  • Trippy visuals in a hazy, retro style with modern post effects.
  • A free roam hub that expands with the game’s timeline, offering new gameplay opportunities.
  • An original, dynamic soundtrack that adapts itself to what’s happening on screen.

The Early Access version of Project Downfall is now available on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/992730/Project_Downfall/). The game is also coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, with the final release date for both PC and consoles to be announced in the future.

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