Proto-G on indiegogo – 1 Week Left

Proto-G on indiegogo – 1 Week Left
Proto-G on indiegogo – 1 Week Left

Proto-G on indiegogo – 1 Week Left

Proto-G is a boss fights hack and slash PC game that has retro futuristic environment setting. We have carefully designed each boss’s uniqueness so that it is compelling and challenging experience to all. What we love developing this game is how we emphasize the console classics of the past with touch of modern UI and gameplay. 

Besides fighting, we also sprinkles interactions with the world such as npc’s, our cute police mascots, and character development (move set and equipment). Our vision of the game is a boss fight game which story is enjoyable and easy to follow.


We are small group with a goal to share their video games to the world. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, and consisted of 11 people. We are blessed with passionate and talented people joining this journey, and we just can’t pass this opportunity to build title that will entertain players around the world.

The theme of this campaign is basically us asking for help to deliver the game until release. Currently, we have 7 full timers and 4 part timers working on the project. Without your help we might need to reduce our team sizes and work longer on the project.

17000 USD is what we believe enough to cover our team salary throughout the development time. We lived far way from the capital, so the living expense is immensely lower than in the capital or developed overseas countries. But never worry about the quality of game we will offer to you, we will deliver even better than what we will show on the demo.

What We Need & What You Get

17000 USD is the total amount that will be distributed to salaries, and perks fulfilment. We have covered other upfront cost including software licenses, hardwares, and legal work. Your money will be channelled to monthly operational and again, perks.

If in case we do not reach our full pledge, we might reduces our team number and thus longer period of uncertain release date (pardon of our situation). Despite all of that, we will remain to deliver the game to store and your rightfully rewards.

Most of the perks are created digitally. For example you may claim perks that give you exclusive skins that you can change during the game. We think it’s great to look good while you finish the game right ?

Below are not the final representation of what you will get.

Exclusively skinned sword along with dedicated visual and sound effects.

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