Raw Fury to Publish Investigative Horror Game “My Work Is Not Yet Done” in 2023


Raw Fury to Publish Investigative Horror Game “My Work Is Not Yet Done” in 2023

Indie publisher Raw Fury and Sutemi Productions have announced a partnership to publish Sutemi’s debut title, My Work Is Not Yet Done. The investigative horror game with uniquely disturbing visuals will be released next year after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The announcement trailer premiered exclusively at The MIX Next 2022 and gives a glimpse of the game’s unique style.

My Work Is Not Yet Doneis a narrative-driven investigative horror game, combining elements of the survival-simulation genres with a dense, nonlinear plot. Players follow the final days of the inquisitor Avery, the last surviving member of a doomed scientific expedition into a remote and unaccountable stretch of sinking country. Tasked with tracking down the source of a strange transmission believed to have originated from somewhere within the region, they must navigate, survey, and survive an eerie, ever-shifting landscape reclaimed by nature — and something stranger.

My Work Is Not Yet Done seeks to provide a unique and innovative take on the survival-simulation genre aimed at accurately reproducing the physical and psychological experience of being alone and lost in the wilderness. The game is set in an expansive open-world environment, seamlessly blending procedurally generated locations with a variety of handcrafted points-of-interest to provide a unique sense of disorientation with every playthrough. 


  • Explore and survive, based on authentic bushcraft and land navigation techniques
  • Deep survival simulation mechanics, focusing on both physical and psychic conditions
  • A beautiful and expansive open world featuring real-time weather, atmospheric conditions, and day/night progression
  • Dynamic environments that react to the player’s condition and behavior
  • Mesmerising 1-bit visuals with an immersive HUD
  • A free-form unscripted narrative experience built around emergent gameplay and ambient lore

My Work Is Not Yet Donewill be released by Raw Fury and Sutemi Productions in 2023. The game is available to wishlist now on Steam.

About Sutemi Productions

Sutemi Productions is an American video game developer based in the New York metropolitan area. It derives its name from sutemi waza, a term in various Japanese martial arts that can be translated as “arts of abandonment”: a series of techniques requiring the user to “abandon” or sacrifice some part of their stance to create or exploit an opening in the opponent. The fundamental philosophy underlying all the works produced under Sutemi Productions is that only through directly confronting, without insincerity or resentment, our deepest flaws and vulnerabilities can we begin to produce works that are honest to the best versions of what they – and we – can be.

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