Redd Experience Design Launches Scapes 24, A Unique Digital Art Display

Redd Experience Design Launches Scapes 24, A Unique Digital Art Display

Redd Experience Design Launches Scapes 24, A Unique Digital Art Display

UX design agency Redd Experience Design has launched a 24-inch screen version of their unique context-sensitive display for motion and static digital art, Redd Scapes. Dubbed Scapes 24, this can be hung on the wall so one can enjoy art in their home, a first for India since digital art has so far been restricted only to laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Redd Scapes at Soul Sante

Finding new artworks has always been a bit of a challenge for most homeowners. With the Redd Scapes companion app (available on Google Play and App Store), one can discover new digital art from a growing gallery, add them to their collection and display them on the wall, all from the comfort of their couch. The artworks can react to the time of day and one can also interact with them with a wave of their hand. The art showcased on Redd Scapes caters to a wide range of tastes, from illustration-style art to bringing classic art pieces by Rembrandt and others to life. Redd Scapes does for art aficionados what e-book readers do for book lovers.

Taking inspiration right out of Harry Potter movies, from the way the artwork moves in newspapers there, the team at Redd thought it would be a nice idea to have a display for such artwork. Using their core strength of software design, they visualised a platform that would work for digital artists.

Speaking about this, Sharan Grandigae, Founder and CEO, Redd Experience Design, said, “We frequently create motion graphics or motion artworks for websites and applications. Though they look beautiful in these specific use cases, there was no place to showcase it at home or on our walls. We realised that we needed to give voice to this new art form of today and that’s what we did. The hardware part was a little more complicated than the software but a year and a half later, we have finally been able to launch Scapes 24. The display is particularly appealing to businesses for their lobbies/waiting rooms. Redd Scapes allows them to update their artwork frequently and keep things interesting. Interior designers have also expressed interest in including Redd Scapes in their design of chic homes to bring a certain dynamism to living spaces.”

Once a traditional art frame takes its place on the wall, it stays up there and eventually gets ignored. Even when a new piece comes in, one must make a choice between the old and the new. With Redd Scapes, it is possible to keep refreshing the wall as it allows for changing of the artwork on a whim. It lets a person update the feel of the room or change what they see on their wall depending on their mood. It is also a way for people to acquire the latest artworks of their favourite artists.

About Redd

Redd Experience Design ( specialises in helping well-known start-ups and enterprises like Urban Ladder, Lenskart, Asian Paints and Discovery Channel develop and deliver superlative user experiences. They have also released their own products like Redd Drop that helps in file transfer; Redd Bricks, a project tracking, communication and task management app for architects, interior designers, builders and others in the real estate industry and Redd Board, an app for designers to present and annotate.

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