REVIEW : BenQ Zowie XL 2546

REVIEW : BenQ Zowie XL 2546
REVIEW : BenQ Zowie XL 2546

REVIEW : BenQ Zowie XL 2546

Zowie XL2546 is top of the line e sports monitor with 240Hz refresh rate paired with DyAc technology to reduce the blur. Unfortunately, the monitor loses FreeSync, but does that hamper its overall value, read more to find out?

Zowie XL2546 looks similar to other monitors in the series and the design is quite decent, it’s just that the bezel could have been slimmer. Further, the included side flaps are just an added bonus as you won’t require them in most scenarios and esports arenas already have separated spaces for teams and players. Still a good bonus.

The monitor features total black finish with red accents which looks very subtle and clean, a design which focuses more on the functionality rather than being flashy.

Monitor is VESA compatible but the included stand is very versatile with support for swivel, tilt, pivot and height adjustment. The motion on stand is smooth and firm when monitor is placed at required position. The base of monitor is quite broad and provide space for included accessory to change screen presets on the fly.

On the left side, Zowie monitor features USB hub having 2 – 3.0 USB slots plus audio jacks plus a headset stand which pops out. Overall, great functional design.

The XL2546 features healthy IO options, Display Port 1.2, Two HDMI, DVI and USB Hub Upstream port and one USB 2 port for S-Switch.

XL2546 has a 25-inch 1080P TN Panel with 240Hz refresh rate, 1000:1 contrast ratio with 1ms response time. While the screen is very bright, the colors are not that accurate. Simple calibration would do the trick. Playing any esports title on XL2546 is a really smooth and pristine experience. The Monitor also features Dynamic Accuracy Technology which reduces blur to make the picture even more crisp. That is really helpful at such high refresh rates. Since this technology cannot work with adaptive sync, that’s the reason why the monitor lacks GSYNC or FreeSync.

We played quite a few eSports title on XL2546 like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends (Yes, A battle royale game). In, all the games we noticed the how smooth the picture was and frame rates always above 100 using our GTX 970, the fluidity helped us get some easy headshot. Yes, high refresh rate helps you better your game. So, if you are out there to get a new monitor for eSports games, XL2546 has to be high on your monitors short list.

Zowie XL2546-

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review-benq-zowie-xl-2546The BenQ Zowie XL2546 is fast, responsive and a totally blur free experience which will suit any esports enthusiast. DyAc is an amazing feature which result in clear IQ. Hardcore Gamers Unified recommends XL2546 for its high refresh rate and clear picture quality.


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