REVIEW : Big Bash Boom (PS4)

REVIEW : Big Bash Boom (PS4)
REVIEW : Big Bash Boom (PS4)

REVIEW : Big Bash Boom (PS4)

Big Bash Boom is arcade take on cricket by simulation cricket experts Big Ants Studios. Big Bash Boom is based on Australia’s Big Bash T20 cricket league and follows NBA Jam in its gameplay style, it is totally arcade.

All the teams in Big Bash Boom are fully licensed along with full squads and stadiums from both Men’s and Women’s league. The core gameplay of cricket remains intact, just that others elements have been turbo charged with big heads and powerups. Plus, the cartoonish art style paired many different celebrations and team specific pyrotechnics make this the best presentation any cricket game has ever had.

While hitting boundaries or bowling good balls fills up the powerup meter so that you can launch a random power up which could last for a single shot or few deliveries. These powerup add a depth to the game and can potentially turn game on its head. These powerups can only be activated in a short window of few balls after that the meter starts again. Hoping that future patch allows for a mode where we could stack them and use them continuously at one go. That would make for a really interesting T20 matches.

The presentation of Big Bash Boom is top notch and hope that they are carried over to future simulation style games from the developer in some way or the other. Everything is not hunky dory though, there is lack of camera angels (would have loved pro mode) and no replays to speak off.

Compared to previous cricket games from Big Ants, Big Bash Boom is lacking in features big time. The previous games featured 4 player local match, this only features 2 player local matches. Previous games featured cricket academy, which would have been an awesome edition as then you could have downloaded authentic players created by gamers for other leagues. Though there is little customization available but all the items which you have to buy with coins require lot of grind, so unless your favorite or player is in the game you would not play a season again (not including trophy hunters).

Some of the celebrations and items are locked behind tasks and are not purchasable. The tasks are hidden so knowing how to unlock your favorite animation is kind of a secret. These could have been presented as daily challenges or task which would have added to replay value of the game.

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Knowing Big Ants Studios past history, they do support their games fo a long time, so all these small niggles can be easily fixed.

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review-big-bash-boom-ps4Big Bash Boom is a arcade take on the gentleman’s sport. It has bright colors and accessible controls to attract new players but misses out on key features for veteran players of their games. Hardcore Gamers Unified recommends Big Bash Boom for its fun filled cricket action.


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