REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)

REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)

REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)


Take your gun and protect your ally in this atmospheric and punchy roguelike game.

REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)

Colt Canyon is a 2D pixel art shooter where you guide a cowboy, or one of the various other unlockable characters, whose purpose is to save his kidnapped ally from the cruel brigands. Take your gun and TNT and shoot your way through a hostile valley full of hidden wealth, weapons, obstacles and all kinds of bloodthirsty scum.

REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)

Maybe you can save more characters than just your ally. But watch out. Once you got your ally your job is not finished. You’ll also have to get back home…

REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)


  • Skill-Based, not Grind-Based Roguelike
  • Variety of styles and weapons to play and open
  • Powerful and immersive environments and foes
  • Fantastic Keyboard + Mouse Support
  • Excellent Controller Support
  • AI-Controlled companions
  • Local Coop
  • Upgrades for you and your companions
  • Randomized, persistent and open levels
  • Strategic stealth and fast-paced action
  • Boss Fights
  • Intuitive Gameplay
  • Roguelike elements
  • Permadeath
  • No forced grind
  • Deep Game Mechanics
  • High replayability
  • High difficulty
  • Endless Runs possible
  • Beautiful minimalistic pixel art
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Impactful particle effects
  • Support for various screen resolutions
  • A lot of polish
  • and much more…


Colt Canyon is a top-down shooter with roguelike components. created by Terrific and published by Headup! Colt Canyon got a lot of appreciation from the fans for having a different style and colour scheme. Colt Canyon is skill-based and not grind-based! Which indicates that later runs won’t be that much of a difference than your current run.

REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)

In Colt Canyon, you take the role of a cowboy on a quest to request your partner. It all began after an encounter with a gang of bandits who attacked you and kidnapped your partner. The way to save your partner will be long and challenging. You will encounter people who will lend a helping hand as well as bandits who want to put a few bullets in you! Will you be able to save your partner and make it back safely?

Colt Canyon can be experienced alone or co-op with a fellow cowboy! Playing it with a friend makes the game even more fun and enjoyable! Considering that Colt Canyon is a difficult game, it will either be easier or harder for you to clear it with a friend. I still suggest playing Colt Canyon alone first to get the hang of what to do. The game is played from a top-down perspective, which gives you an easier time seeing what is coming next. The best way to dodge enemy attacks is to dodge with the SPACEBAR. It is especially recommended to do so if you see a bullet flying towards you!

When you play Colt Canyon, you will very soon realise that ammunition is something precious that you have to spare or otherwise you will see yourself in a situation in which you need the ammunition. So, I highly suggest in one-on-one situations to use the melee attack. When you make progress, you will also realise that you can choose other characters! Characters you unlock will start the run with different things and that is how you can choose the character that perfectly suits your style! 

Comparing Colt Canyon to other top-down roguelikes such as Moon Hunters, I feel like both games look nearly the same when it comes to the style! I love the style that Moon Hunters have and it got me excited to see that Colt Canyon also got the same style! The beautiful art style is the reason why I keep playing. Everything from the atmosphere to the soundtrack just makes it a cool western roguelike! The soundtrack for Colt Canyon is brilliant. It already got me jamming out in the main menu! Other than that, the controls for Colt Canyon are really simple. You will even be greeted with a tutorial the first time you launch the game. After a while, Colt Canyon gets addicting. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been killed and retried ten times before, something with Colt Canyon makes you want to keep playing. I wouldn’t recommend Colt Canyon to someone new to roguelike and that is because of the unforgiving nature that Colt Canyon has. The fact that Colt Canyon is skill-based makes it even harder since most roguelikes roll with the grind-based principles. But, for someone like me who enjoys a roguelike being rather challenging makes me satisfied with myself when I make a large amount of progress.

REVIEW : Colt Canyon (PC)


    • OS: Windows 7 or better
    • Processor: CPU @ 2,2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: CPU @ 2,4 GHz Dual-Core
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 300 MB available space

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review-colt-canyon-pcTo put it simply, Colt Canyon is a rather unforgiving roguelike that I wouldn't recommend to those who are new to the genre. But it is rather the perfect game for those who seek a challenge and want to test their skill in a proper roguelike!


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