Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X2 are the only games in the Final Fantasy series we had experienced before Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV even with its flaws is the most memorable among all the games released this year and the previous Final Fantasy games we had experienced.

The real time combat system is brilliant but it is too reliant on the camera which loses track of you very often. Noctis, your Hero, has warp ability which can be really useful in fights but most battlegrounds do not have warp points to which Noctis can warp to.

The game is designed for first timers but still contains enough depth and nested systems to keep hardcore fans satisfied. Dungeons have no save points or check points and the boss battle at the end of the dungeon is usually so tough that all your dungeon progress goes to zero. Magic System is also wonky, while initially ignored and later restricted, it restricts access to summons and elemental form harm enemies as well as your allies. PS4 Pro and PS4 suffer from serious frame pacing issue.

The plot of Final Fantasy XV is not its selling point and it shows as it shifts from happy go lucky to sad and grim to vengeful in an instant. Plus, Villain of FF XV is not greatest. But by having the story revolve around 4 dudes on a road trip, Square Enix has given an opportunity to players to laugh and explore the world and enjoy the ride along.

The world is vast and beautiful, ranging from sci-fi cities to brilliant scenery and long roads. You have limited control over the car but it is a fun way to go from A to B while listening to FF sound track. Go off road on foot or ride a chocobo and you will always find something to do, be it fishing, searching for food or taking on bounty hunts for giant monsters.

Well, there isn’t any other RPG where squad mates genuinely feel like friends like they do in Final Fantasy XV. The more you play the more you like and associate with Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus.

Each of the character has a function but you never see them as healer, long ranger or magic attacker but you see them as guys you have your back. Ignis cooks for you and prompt takes candid photos which is really fun part of settling in a camp. While the main focus is on the core group, there are other memorable cast as well who join your squad temporarily.

Final Fantasy XV is really compelling if you look past its flaws. The real-time battle system is great if you look past the camera. The new abilities are great if you look past their restrictions. It really takes some getting used to and old RPG fans would still prefer to use Tactical systems but this Final Fantasy is not bogged down by Fighting System.

The Dungeons and Missions are well designed, help you get use to the abilities. The set-pieces and cut scenes are surprisingly good and monster hunting is amazing, only the stealth sections are big letdown. Games grows linear as you progress but the story and missions also get intense and you near the end.

Final Fantasy XV is really different from past RPGs or previous enteries. Final Fantasy XV is engaging and deeply satisfying. Final Fantasy XV is far from perfect but what it brings to the series should be carried forward in next iterations

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review-final-fantasy-xv-ps4-ps4-proEven with all its flaws Final Fantasy 15 is among the best single player games we have played this year. The new real time action is fast paced but still provides a tactical opportunity and the open world brings the game world to life. Hardcore Gamers Unified recommends Final Fantasy XV as it is a RPG that will keep good times rolling with memorable cast till the end.


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