Grid autosport is a successor of Grid 2  which was released 12 months ago. Improved and enhanced version of this game has been released by CodeMasters which proved divisive. The familiarities of earlier versions have been carried forward but every extra ounce of weight has been removed. Though the fiction is changed but the autosport still remains the main concern for the players. The grid’s trademark i.e. the Flashback system is still retained which helps to alleviate the frustrations.

It is different from earlier versions in various different ways. To name a few- there are no longer any team-mates to hire and fire (although you still race with one and can tell them to defend or drive more aggressively using the shoulder buttons), no team management elements (you just choose contracts from other teams instead) and your career has been abstracted into a non-linear jaunt through five disciplines.

New features like Endurance and Open wheel events have proved to be exciting. Tuner has been included which is a multidisciplinary which comprises of muscle cars, time trials and drifting. To put the player on tight, angular city tracks with poor sight lines, the street discipline has been included.

To proceed in level hierarchy, players need to take part in any event that leads to earning of a new XP in a discipline. This not only will help the player to rise but also offers more lucrative grid championships. care should be taken in such a way that whenever an event is to be selected, the player must also chose an offer from a team to race for during that season.

Despite team targets, there are also six sponsor objectives each season which include things like improving on your lap time during a race or finishing without any collisions. To earn more XP the player just needs to Tick the box and there are further bonuses for setting the fastest lap, beating your rival, and restricting yourself to in-car views.

With so many XP that a player gains on the way, the focus is shifted from the podium. The game is designed in such a way that even if a player comes last, it will still prove to be a contribution to the career progress.

Grid 2’s handling was bold and brash but autosport’s handling is a constant pleasure. It is more about refinement in which most of the cars turn with satisfying weighty understeer. Once you learn when to lean on the accelerator and how heavy you foot should be, you will easily advance on the leader board.

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review-grid-autosport-steamThe Grid Autosport is entirely convincing which has been created keeping in mind the core fans of the game. Despite all the criticisms faced, the later version has been able to make a mark in the hearts of the players. Codemasters has created this to make you feel like a competitive driver than ever before.


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