REVIEW : King Oddball (PS VITA)


After porting sparkle to PS VITA, 10 tons bring you another gem,  King Odd Ball. Touch and Physical controls are implemented well to control the King Oddball as he slings and throws rocks at enemy tanks, troops, and helicopters. 

King Oddball arsenal consists of nothing but his long tongue and three stones, getting more by special feats like slamming stones back into the King’s head. Progress is as simple as unlocking new stages every time you beat an old one, with a square of 16 required to be cleared before you can move to next square. There are bonus levels to unlock with some secret levels as well.

The game runs smoothly on vita woth good art style to look at. Oddball can be controlled via touch screen tap or cross and triangle buttons on vita with physical control being more precise. Luck and precision play  good factors in the game, one shot can kill three or more enemies while other would touch nothing. 140 levels to play with and gold trophy needing replay of most of the levels for not using all the stones. Special levels provide you with only one stone or grenades to create some variety among levels.

Game gets frustrating at times, but when you clear the level it is so pleasing.



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