Bloober team has released the A-Men 2 , a sequel to a game inspired by Lost Vikings i.e. A-Men. The Game is as punishing as puzzle/platform game can get. 

The Game has a simple objective that is to guide your team comprising of elite task force through the varied amount of different environments in the game. As simple as the objective sounds, the game is insanely difficult , and a all guns blazing approach mostly results in death. A planned approach with scrolling of the map initially and using your team to the best of their ability would lead to smooth going through the map and more enjoyment versus frustration.

Each level comprises of many obstacles, which you have to avoid and guide your team through it. Even the slightest mistake results in death and you have to start again from the beginning of the level, this causes lots of frustration but results in equal if not more satisfaction when you clear the level.

You have to clear the level using the limited resources present on the map, which are easy to find & use and by managing your troops/team. Each team member has a different ability which are helpful in going through the level. Like :

1) Engineer can build things if you have token, destroy certain things and paint mines to deceive the enemy.

2) Elite Trooper can use tools like parachute to jump great heights,iron grappling to climb certain walls and can sprint for a short while.

3) Spy can blend into enemies and also change their route of patrol.

4)Regular soldier can shoot at things like ropes by which boulders hang and shoot enemies. Can also place TNT.

5)Body Builder can pick up objects like crates and throw at enemies. He can make all theenemies focus at him.

You will have to switch between your team members to clear the level. Level 1 does a great job in explaining these features.

The game levels are interestingly designed to make you think to successfully clear a level. Though the clumsy controls don’t help much , every now and then you will make a mistake that will result you to start from beginning again which games the monotonous because you have to repeat all the puzzles again.

A-Men 2 has 44 brilliantly designed levels along with in-game shop in which you can buy cosmetic changes for team members and improve their abilities.

A-Men 2 is out on both PS3 and PS VITA and supports 12 trophies( 1 gold, 4 silver , 7 bronze) along with the well thought out humor in the game, you are going to play this game for a long time.

You can buy A-Men 2 for $9.99(INR 600)


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