REVIEW : NecroBouncer (PC)

REVIEW : NecroBouncer (PC)


Take out your magic staff and pretend to be a necromancer who works as a nightclub bouncer. After your holiday vacation, dozens of drunken monstrosities will be waiting to greet you as you bravely crawl into the dungeon club. Time to start working!

slashing and hacking in the club

REVIEW : NecroBouncer (PC)

Break up several bosses while ripping through the crowd. Utilize the qualities found in gemstones to enhance and advance your bouncing abilities. Discover potent new combinations to destroy the dungeon’s drunken inhabitants by mixing them together in various ways.

Integration with Twitch

Utilize Twitch integration to personalise each NecroBouncer run. You can choose to vote for artefacts, more mana and health potion spawns, or even to play as one of the game’s wasteful adversaries. Pick a side, and keep the positive energy going!

What Don’t Kill You Builds You Up

After each defeat, come back more angry, more armed, and stronger. Try out different clothes (each has its own special benefits), come up with smart plans, improve your skills, and combine them all with a variety of artefacts. Make the ideal cocktail for success!

Retire with us

For updates and to find out more about the game and its creator, follow the party on social media. We swear we’re sober right now.


REVIEW : NecroBouncer (PC)

One of your neighbourhood nightclubs is having significant problems as a result of drawing the wrong demographic. It’s obvious that the bouncers the joint owner has been using are inadequate. Each one only lasted for one night. They obviously lacked the enchantment necessary to keep the place secure. Because of this, when the owner saw you emerge from behind his bar, he knew you could assist in getting rid of all trespassers. All he required was a NecroBouncer!

What a delightful, captivating, and difficult little game NecroBouncer is. There are four dungeons in the game that you must explore, and you must beat each boss to advance to the next level. Using the sole NecroBouncer that is accessible when the game is first started, I have only been able to complete half of the fourth stage after 14 hours of gameplay.

I don’t know how many other NecroBouncers will finally be offered for selection, but in my case, I have unlocked two more, and both of them have lower health than the initial one. A third will cast a spell while using health (range attack). I’ve played with all three bouncers, and the third bouncer was by far the most challenging in comparison to the first.

You must pick one or more relics for your subsequent run from eight options after selecting one of your bouncers. Each relic now costs one to three stars, and during your first few runs, you’ll only have a few stars available. On the same screen, you can upgrade three other powerups that will also cost stars. So make wise decisions and wish for the best.

I like that this kind of game can be played again and again because each run will be unique based on the relics you choose to uncover and pick up along the way. After a while, you’ll have a fair sense of which one you like, however, you could be enticed to spice up the subsequent session by experimenting with the fresh relics that you frequently earn.

REVIEW : NecroBouncer (PC)

Now let’s talk about the rooms you’ll encounter on each run. Once more, you will start with a limited number of rooms and eventually unlock more. You have seven different room kinds in all, and six of them have objectives that must be fulfilled. For instance, you must defeat a certain amount of monsters who spawn in the Bounce chamber in order to open the door and proceed to the next room. You must instal each pillar in the proper location in the “Pillar Room.” The icon that is displayed on each pillar will also be marked on the floor where the pillar has to be moved. It’s a little different in the Relic chamber. There, you can collect a number of relics to supplement your current run. But this space is an obstructions space. There is a relic waiting for you at the end of the chamber; you can choose to take it or leave it behind. They are not too long, but they are difficult to navigate. You also have two doors; one allows you to either exit the room and resume your run or replay the chamber, but this time you’ll face more difficult obstacles and obtain another relic.

The fact that each stage is randomly created adds a little strategy to the game, which is something else I like about it. By looking at the legend, you may determine what the rooms on the level maps are. The chambers are listed in the legend by an icon. You can select which of the many pathways connecting the rooms you want to visit.

If adding relics is more important to you, you should strive to walk in the direction indicated by the legend of the golden cup icon. The rooms marked with an exclamation point, on the other hand, will be much more difficult to finish if you want to make your journey easier.

I prefer the rooms marked with a question mark since, if you finish them, you might find a relic. Being a question mark, you can never be sure how the room will be. You won’t be able to predict which of the six alternatives it will be (apart from the Relic chambers).

At the end of each stage, one of these chambers will contain a bar where, if you have enough coins in your wallet, you can buy health, energy, and new relics.

The gameplay itself is entertaining, quick, and difficult. The two primary attack categories for your NecroBouncer are melee and ranged. While the ranged attack requires energy to be used, the melee will not cost anything. In green chests, you can find energy. These chests are present in some rooms but not all. When enemies die, they occasionally drop them as well. The other items that foes can drop include coins, hearts (green), experience souls (light blue souls), and souls (pink hearts). You lose a green heart each time you take damage. The pink hearts are more armour-like and dissolve first when you are attacked compared to the other two colours of hearts. You can refill the green ones, which represent your standard level of health.

The bosses have an invisible system, so you have to wait until they have finished their sequences before you may hurt them (provided you figure it out). You’ll only have a little window of time before the boss restarts its circle to do this. Although I don’t dislike it, it can be annoying at times. Naturally, if you succeed in defeating each of them, you will be rewarded greatly. There may be a number of relics for you to unlock after you pass away and before starting another night (run). Sadly, you are only able to select one.

REVIEW : NecroBouncer (PC)

A fantastic tune and good pixelated graphics. I haven’t encountered any issues, and the game functions well. You can use your mouse, keyboard, and the Microsoft cordless gamepad to play this game, which has been translated into eight different languages.


+ Good graphics

+ Quick, exciting, and difficult gameplay

+ A lot of relics to discover

+ Several repeat opportunities because each iteration is unique.

+ Four bosses to take down

+ Accomplishments


– As of yet, no trade cards

– The bosses’ invisibility system can be annoying and may turn off certain players.

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