Seasons After Fall at its core is a platforming and puzzle solving game made by Swing Swing Subamarine and Published by Focus Home Interactive.

Various Platforming functionality is neatly built in like Flying Jellyfish can be used as mode of transportation, certain plants allow you to jump higher and by the end you will have the ability to change the seasons at will.

You are a seed and A Young Girl’s Voice tells you to possess a Fox and explore the jungle in search of the Seasons Guardians. Finding them will grant you the ability to change seasons on the fly.

The Story even though without a concrete purpose is still good and provides a proper conclusion. But Story is not what will keep you hooked to Seasons After Fall.


Seasons after Fall is downright most beautiful game I have ever played. Everything from background, effects to characters is hand painted, Seriously Everything and it looks so pretty. Every time you change the season; game presents itself in another jaw dropping aspect. All the animals are so beautifully drawn that you will spend some time just looking at them.

Seasons after Fall has no deaths or failure if you can’t achieve something; it is a TAKE-Your-TIME puzzle platformer. You progress by completing puzzles and you can complete puzzle by changing seasons. Puzzles are simple but there is not tutorial on how to solve them, so initial puzzle take some time till you get used to them.

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review-seasons-fall-pcsteamThe Game is a little slow but it is meant to be that way and sometimes you need to backtrack to old areas to find new stuff. Each area has hidden cutscenes to unlock for true ending and some unique flowers for achievements. Seasons after Fall is a short but content filled game. Hardcore Gamers Unified recommends Seasons after Fall for its brilliant art style and for the enjoyment you get while playing it.


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