The Technomancer tries to combine best aspects of various RPGs but struggles to find the correct mixture. Inspiration from Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher series is present but none of it is polished and the potential is wasted.

Zachariah is the protagonist of the game; he is a technomancer who is ready to join peacekeeper force at Mars. Mars itself has a metropolis society with glitz and glamour above the surface; pain and suffering below it. Exploration is fun with unique art design and style. Gameplay Mechanics are not perfect and might cause some frustration.

There are lot of enemies in Technomancer be it Humans or beasts. There are number of classes you can switch between, even during combat.

The Combat system is fine, it is somewhat similar to The Witcher series, with all enemies attacking at once. It’s the damage the enemies give is troublesome, even the smaller weaker enemies deal massive damage.

Switching classes help a lot in combat and made it easier to defeat the enemies. The Technomancer class is particularly useful in dealing with enemies at a long range.

Leveling up the character provides skill points which you can use towards any class. The skill tree is wide and long enough to offer varied play style between classes.

You can also loot armor and other things from fallen enemies. Different armor provides different benefits and The Technomancer clearly explains that.

Character Models and animations are not upto the mark of today’s standards but the attention to the detail in environment is just brilliant.

Dialogues are hit or miss, while some characters provide great and relatable dialogues others fall short. Background music complements game’s art style and blends in the atmosphere


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